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Tag: rv lifestyle

Dictionary of Common RVing Terms

Here is a basic list or quick dictionary of common RVing terms for those who drive motorhomes or RVs. These terms are a reference for all RVers. The words and RVing terms are listed below in alphabetical order for RVer convenience in finding the info they need as they travel or prepare for their next […]

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RVing: Past to Present

Human beings have always been RVers of a sort. Currently, RVing is one of the most popular modes of vacation transportation. It’s versatile, affordable and comes with an entire lifestyle that appeals to vacationers and “home bodies” alike. With the fifth wheel camper topping the list of popular RV types for modern day RVers, it’s […]

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RVs and RVers: Stay in Control on the Road

RVers should constantly be aware of their vehicle. Drivers should frequently stop to consider whether or not they are actually in control of their RV. The issue of vehicle stability is more important than ever when RVs are being discussed. RVers who wish to stay safe while indulging in the RV lifestyle, must remember that […]

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RVing Right: 10 Helpful Packing Tips

RVing is an art. Every RVer develops an individual style. For some full time RVing is the best option. For others, frequent, but short weekend trips bode better for their personality and their way of life. Still others will find that the RV is most advantageous when used for extended solo trips. The versatility of […]

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Creating an RV Journal

Scrapbooking and RVing…some might say they don’t suit each other. These individuals would be mistaken. Scrapbooking is simply one more way in which people commemorate big events, important moments, people they want to remember and places they could never forget. Scrapbooking is actually just as implicitly connected to the RV lifestyle as photography. What do […]

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RVing and Astrology are a Perfect Combination

It’s common knowledge that RVing is a preferred lifestyle for individuals and families who enjoy the outdoors. The recreational vehicle got its name because it makes itself not only amenable, but advantageous to the many activities that rely upon the great outdoors and nature herself: cliff jumping, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rapelling, skiing, snowboarding, […]

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On the Road with the Daniels Family in the Motor Home Class C

It’s no surprise that every RV trip is going to be different than the last. Each trip will have its own destinations, participants, stops and details. Even “annual” destinations come with new sights, sounds and memories each time the trip is made. More than that, RVers should note that each trip is going to be different depending on who is making the trip.

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 5 Money Saving Tips for the RV Lifestyle

Pedata RV Center releases Top 5 money saving tips for the RV lifestyle.

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Pedata RV Center Provides Informative Video Clips Through Its YouTube Channel

Pedata RV Center provides informative video clips through its YouTube Channel.

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Pedata RV Center Announces Their Top 3 “On the Road” Recipes

Pedata RV Center announces their Top 3 “On the Road” recipes. Traveling by travel trailer? Fifth Wheel? Class A? Class B? Most still want to enjoy the classic camping recipes.

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