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RVs and RVers: Stay in Control on the Road

RVers should constantly be aware of their vehicle. Drivers should frequently stop to consider whether or not they are actually in control of their RV. The issue of vehicle stability is more important than ever when RVs are being discussed. RVers who wish to stay safe while indulging in the RV lifestyle, must remember that recreational vehicles are not exempt from the rules or the hazards of the open road. Ensure the safety of your next trip by being knowledgeable of recreational vehicle stability as a major factor in the safety of RVs as well as other drivers on the road.

Factors that Can Contribute to a Lack of Control:

• Delayed Response
• Exaggerated Results
• Lack of Appropriate Response
• Inappropriate Tire Wear
• The Need for Constant Steering Corrections

RVers who are experiencing any of the above situations in their motorhomes should take them seriously. They are early indicators of problems that can lead to a lack of vehicle stability. When a vehicle is exhibiting appropriate responses with optimum vehicle stability, RVers should be able to stop at a moment’s notice, turn on a dime and swerve at the exact moment and with the exact degree of direction change that is desired. When RV drivers find that they aren’t able to maneuver the vehicle as desired, the problem is usually found in the shocks and struts.

The RV’s shocks and struts are fundamental to the overall function of the vehicle. They react to the movement of the RV: every turn made and every obstacle encountered. When shocks and struts are worn, the vehicle can experience improper exaggerated responses: dipping, swaying, bouncing or simply “overdone” responses to driver indications on the road. Many will find that this type of problem leads to a reduction in braking effectiveness and out of the ordinary “wear and tear” on tires and other components. This, in turn, can lead to an additional reduction in the driver’s ability to exhibit appropriate levels of control over the RV.

What can RVers do to avoid losing control of their vehicle? The most important step that RV owners should take is proper RV maintenance.The shocks and struts are both parts that require maintenance. This means that they need to be regularly replaced in order to experience maximum performance and vehicular safety while on the road. Shocks and struts should be inspected annually by a qualified technician. Failed units will often show additional signs that safety minded RVers can watch for: hydraulic fluid leaks, “cupped” tire wear (uneven), unexplained knocking or rattling noises, vehicle swaying and the need for constant corrections while steering.

The proper maintenance of the recreational vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, will result in a happier relationship between owner and RV. Drivers want their RVs to be responsive. They want them to be safe. To ensure that this happens, drivers need to provide all the recommended maintenance, on schedule, as designated by the RV manufacturer.

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