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Creating an RV Journal

Scrapbooking and RVing…some might say they don’t suit each other. These individuals would be mistaken. Scrapbooking is simply one more way in which people commemorate big events, important moments, people they want to remember and places they could never forget. Scrapbooking is actually just as implicitly connected to the RV lifestyle as photography. What do travelers do with all those photos once they’ve been taken? Travel photography can be displayed through: slide shows, traditional photo albums, framed art, etc. There are countless ways to display photos. The problem comes when the number of photos is taken into account. Most display options only display a few photos at a time. Most RVers have way too many photos to depend upon the small collection of frames on their front entry hall. One RVer’s solution was to create an RV journal for each and every road trip.

The travel journal or RV journal isn’t a new idea, but there are some new ideas, hints and tips that RVers might have fun incorporating into their next effort.

Hints and Tips for Creating an RV Journal:

  1. Put the book together before departing on the trip. This is the difference between a travel journal and a photo album.
  2. Generally speaking, there should be about 3 pages per day of the trip. Aim for one page with a large pocket (for holding tickets, maps, etc.), one page that will accommodate writing/journaling, and one page that is suitable for photos. Making a few extra of each type of page means they can be added as needed while traveling.
  3. Aim small. A 4×6 or 5×7 sized travel journal is best because it can be stowed in a carry on size bag or purse. It’s also less daunting to look at a 4×6 page to write on than a full sheet. Large, empty spaces waiting for a lot of writing can lead to writer’s block.
  4. Use rings to bind the book together. Bring the hole punch along on the trip. This makes it easy to “punch” and add extra items as necessary throughout the trip.
  5. Creating pages doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use: heavy cardstock papers cut to the right size, lighter cardstock cut to the right size and glued back to back, postcards, photos glued back to back, maps or brochures with appropriate cardstock backing, etc.
  6. One ardent traveler even suggests that travelers pick up postcards regularly as they go, fill them out and mail them home. Upon arriving home, the postcards are waiting, filled with fantastic (probably already forgotten) information with postmarks stamped on them providing additional info as well as a fantastic “real” look to the journal.
  7. Write in the RV travel journal every night. The descriptions and memories will still be fresh.
  8. Don’t be scared to alter your photos. Many travelers take advantage of a combination of smart phone apps to create small photo collages to print and include in the travel journal.
  9. Involve any traveling companions. Suggest friends and family members add their own journaling to the book.
  10. Check out tourist shops and gift stores. Trinkets and extras that are perfect for travel journal inclusion will be found randomly (stickers, patches, pins, key chains, etc.)
  11. Look twice before throwing something away. Those receipts, business cards, random notes, menus, napkins, etc. might just be the perfect inclusion.
  12. Include the little bits of the trip that might not seem important at the time: the music that was playing in the car, the movies that were playing at the local theater, the street signs that were memorable or laughable, etc.

Journaling isn’t more important than traveling, but some might say it’s just as important. If scrapbooking is a favorite pass time, make sure to incorporate it into the RVing lifestyle by using it to creatively document the trip as thoroughly as possible. It’s the best way to cement travels, adventures and new experiences in the mind of RVers. Being able to relive past travels with the help of a good RV travel journal makes RVing even more worthwhile.

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