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RVing and Astrology are a Perfect Combination

It’s common knowledge that RVing is a preferred lifestyle for individuals and families who enjoy the outdoors. The recreational vehicle got its name because it makes itself not only amenable, but advantageous to the many activities that rely upon the great outdoors and nature herself: cliff jumping, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rapelling, skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, canoeing, etc. These are just some of the most popular and well-known outdoor activities that are associated with RVing and the RV lifestyle. There’s no mistake in thinking that the recreational vehicle is perfectly suited to provide for all the needs and comfort of participants as they travel to and then enjoy any or all of the activities mentioned above.

The mistake is made when people assume that this list if complete. This list of favorite outdoor recreational activities is extensive, but not all-inclusive. It actually misses an entire genre of outdoor activity that could most easily be described as the “still” activities. Luckily, not all outdoor recreational activity was created equal. If that were the case, many RVers who don’t appreciate high, tight spaces, being wet in windy conditions, large amounts of snow that require full protective gear, etc. would be left out of all the fun. For those RVers who are looking for an alternate outdoor lifestyle, there’s always the less celebrated outdoor recreational activities like: bird watching, tree climbing, hammock sleeping, river floating, and astrology.

Details on other “still” recreational activities will follow, but today the focus will be tips on astrology for beginners. Anyone who has ever purchased a telescope knows that checking out the stars is easier said than done. The step between appreciating the fact that there’s a seemingly never ending array of glittering spots dotted all throughout the black sheet of night and actually identifying the known constellations created by those wondrous twinkly lights is a big step. It’s actually a bigger and harder step than many realize.

Tips on Getting Started: RVing and Astrology

  1. Download and print a sky chart. It’s called the Interactive Sky Chart and can be specific to location, date, time, etc.
  2. When deciding where to base the astrological exploration, aim for higher, drier ground when possible. Prime locations include the desert or the mountains, but finding a dark spot out of the way of streetlights will also be fine.
  3. For early evening astrology focus on Venus and Jupiter. Venus should be obvious in the western horizon just after sunset. Look south. Jupiter will be the second brightest object in the evening sky.
  4. For astrology after dark use the sky chart to help in identifying the Ursa Major (Big Bear) constellation. Begin with the Big Dipper (a subgroup of Ursa Major). It looks like a bog pot or a ladle. The front edge of the “pot” in the subgroup points to Polaris or The North Star.

Astrology provides almost unlimited access to additional fun, learning, growth and development as participants move from identifying the rudimentary (and clearly visible) planets and constellations to additional stars, planets and phenomenon. It requires participants to venture through the universe where no man has gone before. It’s exciting, adventurous, and awe-inspiring. It actually sounds like the definition of a good outdoor recreational activity. Some might even say that it’s the most universal of outdoor recreational activities. That is, the most universal of all outdoor recreational activities until the space and aeronautics industry comes up with a method of transporting outdoor enthusiasts into the great unknown. Until that day comes, we have astrology.

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