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On the Road with the Daniels Family in the Motor Home Class C

It’s no surprise that every RV trip is going to be different than the last. Each trip will have its own destinations, participants, stops and details. Even “annual” destinations come with new sights, sounds and memories each time the trip is made. More than that, RVers should note that each trip is going to be different depending on who is making the trip.

A group of young mothers might choose to get together in a motor home Class C and drive across country for a Justin Beiber concert. On the way, they might stop at the largest mall in America, hit a spa day, and park the RV for a few well-chosen bed and breakfast spots. This same trip would look entirely different if it were being enjoyed (or not enjoyed, as the case may be) by a group of middle-aged men who were more used to fishing and hunting trips. That’s not to say that RVers shouldn’t get out of their box and try new things, new destinations and trips that don’t seem “right up their alley.” Doing so might actually lead to exciting new hobbies, likes and dislikes, and once in a lifetime experiences that would never have occurred otherwise.

The best way to implement a “new and exciting” train of RVing thought is to consider the RV travels of someone else. They may go places that others would never choose to visit. They will probably do things that wouldn’t be at the top of the list of other travelers. They may even spend money (or not spend money) on things that seem to oppose the natural laws of travel, but don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it. It’s an oft-repeated mistake that many RVers make.

For today, let’s go on the road in the motor home Class C with the Daniels family.

The Daniels family left home in their motor home Class C. (Others may prefer larger RVs or even a small travel trailer). As the Daniels are a family of 3, the Class C motorhome is large enough to accommodate them comfortably without stretching their fuel budget too thin.

This summer, the Daniels chose to keep their out of town travels “in state” with a trip starting in Wickenburg to see the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. After leaving Wickenburg, the family chose a secluded spot outside of Prescott for an overnight stay and then headed to Sedona where they had scheduled a Pink Jeep tour of the towering red rocks the area is famous for (there are also many opportunities to hike the natural landscape of the area, but as the Daniels have a small child, they chose to enjoy the guided tour by jeep).

Next the family headed to Flagstaff where they visited the Lowell Observatory and the Meteor Crater and museum outside of town. The next day, the Daniels visited the Grand Canyon and took advantage of one of the campgrounds available in the National Park. The family chose to indulge in the Skywalk (a fairly new attraction that allows visitors enjoy the view from above through a glass flooring the extends out from the edge of the Grand Canyon). Other might prefer hiking or horseback tours of the canyon.

Next the Daniels visited Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly. This was followed by a stay at a local bed and breakfast and a visit to a cousin they don’t get to see very often in a nearby town. Next they took off to see the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. They spent their last two days on the road with the Coronado Trail and Scenic Byway. The family stayed overnight in Greer and then headed back with a camera full of new memories.

RVers who tend to lean towards amusement parks will shy away from the type of vacation plans that the Daniels family enjoyed, but the truly adventurous will quickly realize that heading out to do the unknown is only one part of the fun. It’s even more fun to head out to do the unknown and unfamiliar. Look for new locations and new activities. The easiest way to uncover something you never would have thought of? Consider the travel plans of other RVers and adopt some as your own. Take the Daniels’ trip through Arizona. They won’t mind. Most find that considering new travels in this way will add a new spark to their relationship with their RV and the road.

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