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Month: April 2012

What the 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Can Do for the Classic Bucket List

Everyone has a Bucket List. It might be mental. It might only have a few things on it. It might even be completely forgotten for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter. The vast majority of individuals have things they someday want to do or see and when it comes right down to it, that’s all a Bucket List is. Some aren’t aware of the fact that the RV lifestyle is completely indicative of all things Bucket List related. Many RVers were actually led to the RVing life by their own personal Bucket List. What is it about the 5th wheel toy hauler and other versatile RV choices that are so amenable to the completion of items on the lifelong “to do” list?

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The Fifth Wheel Trailer Doesn’t Have to Be Problematic for Dieters

Most firmly believe that dieting and traveling don’t mix. The majority of travelers tend to reach for high fat, easy access foods while on the road, but this is a choice. RVers can just as easily choose to use their time away from home to pick up new eating habits, develop a healthier lifestyle and get away from the old routine that has led to the need for dieting. The fifth wheel trailer shouldn’t be viewed as a problem when dieting. Instead it should be viewed as an opportunity.

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Pedata RV Center Announces New Facebook Initiative: Monthly Contests and Promotion Announcements

Pedata RV Center announces new Facebook initiative. The Pedata RV Center Facebook page will host monthly contests and provide RVers and potential RV buyers with ready access to promotion announcements. Pedata RV Center is a leader in the industry and regularly adds helpful information and useful tips and hints to their directory of articles accessible […]

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Pedata RV Center Publishes How To Article on Incorporating “Green” Habits into the Recreational Vehicle

Pedata RV Center publishes “how to” article on incorporating “green” habits into the recreational vehicle. “How to” articles and other helpful hints and tips are added to the online article directory regularly in order to keep Pedata RV Center buyers and other interested consumers up to date on industry info and products.   “Going green” […]

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A Trail of Class C Motorhomes Through Texas

It’s the Lone Star State. Some know it for its rolling grassland dotted with Longhorns. Others envision hill country covered in grass, creeks, oak trees and Bluebonnets. Then there are those who have experienced the wide open spaces of West Texas with its never ending horizon and imposing Big Bend. Having already featured several gorgeous RV campgrounds in a previous article, it’s time to discuss the hot spots and historic landmarks that RVers cannot leave the state without experiencing. It’s a trail of Class C motorhomes winding its way through Texas and becoming immersed in the culture of this unique and popular region.

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Be Happier Right Now with Lightweight Travel Trailers

Most people have a dream. The majority of people who have dreams have at least one or two that hinge on ownership. Of those who dream of ownership, a large portion are dreaming of someday, somehow owing a recreational vehicle. Those dreaming of owning an RV can simply stop dreaming and be happier right now with the purchase of one of the lightweight travel trailers.

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Texas Campgrounds: Don’t Underestimate Used Travel Trailers

When navigating the wilds of Texas, whether in the country or popular urban areas, it is best not to underestimate used travel trailers. The acknowledgement of used travel trailers as a viable method of transportation through one of the most iconic areas in the American South could be the best decision any RVer ever made.

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Clear the Clutter and Consider Used Travel Trailers for Sale

Many RVers will eventually find themselves considering whether or not they actually require the Class A or the fifth wheel. They will ponder the size of the vehicle and the size of their typical traveling party. They will consider whether or not the costs of maintenance, storage and fuel are worth the additional space. This is the point at which most will decide that they should simply clear the clutter and cut back. They will quickly decide to consider used travel trailers for sale.

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Improve Your Life: Consider Used RV Sales

A large portion of modern society is constantly considering new actions, habits and choices that they feel could improve their life. Some turn to additional avenues of education; formal or informal. Others decide religion is missing from their lives. Travel is the third most common addition individuals make in an effort to improve their life. Used RV sales lots are a great starting point. Individuals can easily begin their search for an economic RV to support their new aspiration for travel. Traveling by recreational vehicle is a popular pass time and many embrace it as a means of change in itself. The recreational vehicle is a suitable form of affordable travel, but, more importantly, it is an opportunity to adopt a fresh start.

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The Class B RV, National Parks and the “Go Green” Movement

Get in the Class B RV and it’s obvious what aspect the environmentalist will take when praising the vehicle. It’s a smaller RV. This decreases its carbon footprint by saving fuel, and decreases the amount of change that will result to the environment when navigating the recreational vehicle in natural settings. Next consider the National Parks. There are many who would feel that there is no discussion necessary. The National Parks are a green movement in themselves. They are meant to preserve: history, culture, and nature. It’s a “Go Green” example that most find fairly obvious.

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Celebrate National Park Week With a Fifth Wheel Camper

This month fifth wheel camper owners have the opportunity to indulge in what they love while supporting the government. That’s because April 21-29, 2012 is National Park Week. It’s the week that America celebrates the 84 million acres of awe inspiring scenery, historic and cultural landmarks and amazing wildlife if natural habitats throughout the nation. RVers everywhere should take advantage of the opportunity to get in their fifth wheel camper and get to the nearest national park. Get in the RV, head to the park and then get out! Hike the trails, discover and learn, and share memories with loved ones during this year’s National Park Week.

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