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The Class B RV, National Parks and the “Go Green” Movement

Get in the Class B RV and it’s obvious what aspect the environmentalist will take when praising the vehicle. It’s a smaller RV. This decreases its carbon footprint by saving fuel, and decreases the amount of change that will result to the environment when navigating the recreational vehicle in natural settings. Next consider the National Parks. There are many who would feel that there is no discussion necessary. The National Parks are a green movement in themselves. They are meant to preserve: history, culture, and nature. It’s a “Go Green” example that most find fairly obvious.

So what idea is intended to come to mind when the Class B RV is paired with National Parks in relation to the “Go Green” movement?

It could be that environmentalists everywhere are aware of the necessity (and potential pleasure) of owning and using RVs and therefore see the Class B RV and the National Parks as the perfect combination. It could mean that the Class B RV is the smallest of the popular RV styles and therefore the most “green” (without investing in a lot of green paint). What it actually means is that the “Go Green” mantra is on the minds of consumers and government officials alike. Change can’t always be stopped, but it can be pointed in the right direction.

The National Parks are already affected by climate change. Parks in freezing climates see shrinking glaciers. Coastal parks exhibit the effect of rising sea levels on coast lines. In response to the need for change, the National Park Service has adopted what they call the “Green Parks Plan.” The intention behind the plan is to shrink the overall carbon footprint and increase the resiliency of park landscapes and wildlife. It’s an intended path to sustainability and all visitors are encouraged to join in the movement whether they arrive by Class B RV, fifth wheel, Class A RV or no RV.

The movement was created in 1916. The National Park Service was one of the first to take action towards protecting natural and cultural resources and continues to be a world leader in the movement. Included in the National Park Service’s Green Parks Plan are: over 67,000 structures, 397 national parks, 50 million square feet of constructed space, over 4 million acres of maintained landscapes, 17,000 miles of trails, and over 3,000 utility systems. The National Park Services have taken on a lot and regularly encourage visitors to do their part to preserve park lands and well.

How can owners of a Class B RV step in and support the Green Parks Plan and why would they want to? First, why would they want to? Every RVer is aware that individuals can make a big difference. It’s as simple as pulling into a campground that has been cleaned before the last RVers left in comparison to pulling into one with food rotting and garbage left half burnt in the center of the site. Next, how can owners of the Class B RV step in and support the National Park Service’s efforts? They can easily continue where they began by purchasing one of the smaller RVs. They can attempt to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Some are doing so by recycling. Others attempt to avoid the use of chemicals (in beauty products and cleaning supplies) by using more natural products as substitutes. For more information on this, access previous articles on homemade cleaning products. Then there are those who are incorporating gardening into their RV lifestyle. It’s not as difficult as one might think. Vertical gardening is all the rage. There are countless options for those who take time to consider.

Loving the National Parks isn’t always enough. RVers who enjoy the beauty and opportunities offered by the areas the NPS preserves for the public’s use should consider what they can do to help or at least what they can do not to hinder the “green” plans. It’s the least the dedicated RVer can do after all that the National Park Services do for the RVing lifestyle.

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