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A Trail of Class C Motorhomes Through Texas

It’s the Lone Star State. Some know it for its rolling grassland dotted with Longhorns. Others envision hill country covered in grass, creeks, oak trees and Bluebonnets. Then there are those who have experienced the wide open spaces of West Texas with its never ending horizon and imposing Big Bend. Having already featured several gorgeous RV campgrounds in a previous article, it’s time to discuss the hot spots and historic landmarks that RVers cannot leave the state without experiencing. It’s a trail of Class C motorhomes winding its way through Texas and becoming immersed in the culture of this unique and popular region.

RVers who would like to join in the fun should begin in West Texas with Big Bend. Big Bend is a geologist’s paradise. The sparse vegetation in the West Texas region allows the strata to be easily identified, observed and studied. There is also a complex geologic history in the Big Bend area that presents a unique opportunity for those interested in natural phenomenon.

The Class C motorhomes group tour should follow up the natural wonders of the Big Bend region with a manmade wonder in Amarillo, Texas: Cadillac Ranch. Created in 1974 and relocated in 1997, the unique artistic display was assembled by Marsh and The Ant Farm, a San Francisco art collective. Ten used 1949-1963 Cadillacs are buried nose-down and facing west “at the same angle as the Cheops’ pyramids.” Visitors are welcome 24/7 and are encouraged to add to the already existing graffiti.

After indulging in some much loved Texas based art, it is time to blow off some steam at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. This is a popular theme park. It’s home to several roller coasters (one of the largest being Titan – visible from miles away)!

Once the RVers are ready to attack some serious Texas history it’s time to head to Dallas. In Dallas visitors will be able to stand in awe of the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The new stadium is right next door to the Ballpark at Arlington, where the Texas Rangers play. The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium was designed to be the biggest football stadium in the United States.

From Texas sporting landmarks in Dallas the tour will head to the world’s largest flea market in Canton. The antique lover will wax poetic when they witness this flea market boasting over 6,000 vendors. Canton is a city of 5,000 people. One weekend every month, (First Monday Trade Days) the population grows to over 200,000 due to visitors.

From Canton, the RV cavalcade will move on to Austin. Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. It’s also known for it’s unique combination of local flair. It is recommended that visitors get a well rounded view of the area by indulging in a variety of Austin based activities. One such unique combination of events and hot spots might be: The State Capitol Building, University of Texas campus, Bats Under the Congress Avenue Bridge, Cathedral of Junk and of course, every tour of Austin must be finished off with a walk down 6th Street for a taste of the nightlife.

The Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham is within driving distance of Austin and is calling the name of every ice cream lover in the world. Anyone who loves ice cream has heard of the great ice cream chain Blue Bell. The doors opened in 1907 and the creamery’s ice cream is now sold in many states with over 50 flavors to choose from. Visitors often find themselves the recipient of free gifts. And free gifts at the Blue Bell Creamery tend to mean free ice cream so visitors can look forward to a little cup of heaven.

After indulging the sweet tooth of every RVer in the Class C motorhomes group, it’s time to get a little taste of Texas history at The Alamo in San Antonio. The Alamo is the location at which a small band of Texans (including Davy Crockett) held out against the Centralist Army for 13 days. The Alamo is home to a great many additional facets of Texas history and visitors can spend hours perusing the artifacts throughout. It is located right next to another popular hot spot, the Riverwalk. Trees, stores, plants and even a mall line the river that runs through the city and boats are available for those who want to get on the water and skip the walking tour.

When finished carousing along the Riverwalk, the tour continues to Port Aransas. It’s located on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico. The best thing about the beaches along the Gulf is the waves. Some are over 6 feet – perfect for visitors who would like to surf, boogie-board, body surf, etc. Port Aransas is always an exciting stopping point for any visitors to the Lone Star State.

After enjoying some down time in the warm waters of the Gulf, it’s time to head over for some historic and cultural enlightenment in Corpus Christi, Texas at the USS Lexington museum. After many years of “active duty” in the WWII-era, the USS Lexington “retired” and is now serving as a floating museum. It even offers overnight stays. Call ahead to verify availability and hours of operation.

The “must sees” list of the area could go on, but most have to limit their time when vacationing. For those who have more time to spare, consider adding more museums and local dining experiences. There’s a place in Austin, Texas called Hills Café that serves fried pickles. The most amazing avocado BLT ever made is to be had at The Roadhouse right outside of Bastrop, Texas and there are rumors of a steak house that has a separate dining table in their public dining room set aside for brave souls willing to attempt to eat a 72 oz. steak. Those who finish it receive their meal for free, but those who aren’t able to eat the entire meal will be served with the equally large bill. In Texas it’s go big or go home so don’t expect any breaks.

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