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Celebrate National Park Week With a Fifth Wheel Camper

This month fifth wheel camper owners have the opportunity to indulge in what they love while supporting the government. That’s because April 21-29, 2012 is National Park Week. It’s the week that America celebrates the 84 million acres of awe inspiring scenery, historic and cultural landmarks and amazing wildlife if natural habitats throughout the nation. RVers everywhere should take advantage of the opportunity to get in their fifth wheel camper and get to the nearest national park. Get in the RV, head to the park and then get out! Hike the trails, discover and learn, and share memories with loved ones during this year’s National Park Week.

The 397 National Parks throughout the nation are an inheritance we all share and they’re an inheritance worth celebrating. If that’s not enough to get the average RVer moving, then it probably isn’t going to help that during National Park Week, Americans have the chance to get out in some of the most beautiful areas in the country for free. During National Park Week, RVers will discover that most National Parks offer deals and discounts. Some will even offer free admission for the week.

In addition to offering a wide array of recreational activities, a unique perspective on native wildlife, and a direct line to the nation’s history and culture, National Parks are also a comfortable stomping ground for the fifth wheel camper as well as other large RVs. Some RVers, particularly those who have less experience navigating their vehicle on the open road, are unsure of their welcome at popular campgrounds and traveling hot spots. Even the most nervous RVer can find comfort in knowing that the National Park System loves RVing. The RVing lifestyle accounts for a large portion of their regular patronage and support.

Make this National Park Week a memorable experience. Every American is a part owner in the National Park System and it’s about time more citizens took an active park in overseeing our collective “property.” Don’t simply be aware of it; be in it. Know what is being protected and understand why. Get in your fifth wheel camper become immersed in all that makes America shine.

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