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The Fifth Wheel Trailer Doesn’t Have to Be Problematic for Dieters

Most firmly believe that dieting and traveling don’t mix. The majority of RV travelers tend to reach for high fat, easy access foods while on the road, but this is a choice. RVers can just as easily choose to use their time away from home to pick up new eating habits, develop a healthier lifestyle and get away from the old routine that has led to the need for dieting. The fifth wheel trailer shouldn’t be viewed as a problem when dieting. Instead it should be viewed as an opportunity.

Dieting in the Fifth Wheel Trailer:

  1. Avoid drive thrus and/or restaurants that provide food through drive thrus. The fifth wheel trailer is fully equipped with all you need to keep fresh foods and healthy options on hand. Go to the grocery store. Even readymade meals can be healthy.
  2. Use the fifth wheel to get out of the regular day to day routine. This could be the best thing for a diet. Many dieters have issues with their weight or with weight related health problems due to poor eating habits. Getting out of the box and into the fifth wheel trailer can be the starting point for breaking the habits that have led to the need for dieting.
  3. Changing the social calendar often results in major benefits for dieters due to the fact that many eat “socially.” This is a habit that results in eating even if there are no signs of hunger because that is what is socially acceptable in the moment. Being on the road avoids the majority of these situations and can allow the dieter time away to break their bad “social eating habits.”
  4. Travel in the RV should be viewed as a “fresh start” for dieters. Many consumers are aware of just how poor their eating habits are and they mean to do better – tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. The time on the road can be used as a period during which dieters can be and do what they’ve always planned to be and do…someday. For instance, there are some who have had long term intentions to increase the amount of vegetables in their family’s diet. The next trip in the fifth wheel trailer could be a vegetarian one. During the trip dieters can introduce several amazing vegetarian recipes. When the trip is completed and the family arrives back at their home base, some of the recipes will most likely stick around and successfully increase the amount of vegetables eaten regularly.

It’s been said that it takes 26 days to break a bad habit. Summer is just around the corner. RVers should take 26 days of it and work on a bad habit that’s been on the “to break” list for far too long and get it knocked off. The fifth wheel trailer RV isn’t there to hurt dieters. It’s there to help. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s practical and when it comes to dieting, it’s also useful. Maximize the fifth wheel trailer by utilizing it as momentum for your lifestyle change and this diet could be the most successful yet not “even though” it happened on a road trip, but BECAUSE it happened on a road trip.

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