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Month: October 2012

Spooky RVing: Putting Together a Halloween Themed Party on the Road

RVing during the holidays can make everything that much more exciting and thrilling, but if RVers aren’t careful it can also feel like celebrating is that much more difficult. Celebrating while RVing can be simple and easy if it’s approached from the right direction with the right attitude. Every party planner (professional or not) learns […]

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Pedata RV Center Recommends RVers Consider the Environmentally Friendly Aspect of their DIY Maintenance

Pedata RV Center recommends that RVers who plan to complete “do it yourself” (DIY) maintenance on their recreational vehicle carefully consider the environment’s needs while providing for the needs of their vehicle. In the course of standard vehicle maintenance RVers have numerous opportunities to take into account the needs of the environment. As most in […]

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International RVer Appreciation Week: Francoise and Jean Maillet’s RV Story

Pedata RV Center has been selling quality RVs to the masses at wholesale prices for years. The company is known for being helpful and offering an extensive online inventory. Thousands have accessed the unique advantages of working with Pedata. What some aren’t aware of is that some of those thousands of past customers are international. […]

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International RVer Appreciation Week: Meet Mike and Lynda Petersen

Pedata RV Center sells quality used RVs at wholesale prices direct to the public. Given this unique setup it isn’t surprising that many prospective RV buyers turn to them for help. In fact, Pedata RV Center regularly handles RV purchases for international buyers. As a thank you for customers willing to place this much trust […]

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Creating an RV Journal

Scrapbooking and RVing…some might say they don’t suit each other. These individuals would be mistaken. Scrapbooking is simply one more way in which people commemorate big events, important moments, people they want to remember and places they could never forget. Scrapbooking is actually just as implicitly connected to the RV lifestyle as photography. What do […]

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RVing and Astrology are a Perfect Combination

It’s common knowledge that RVing is a preferred lifestyle for individuals and families who enjoy the outdoors. The recreational vehicle got its name because it makes itself not only amenable, but advantageous to the many activities that rely upon the great outdoors and nature herself: cliff jumping, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rapelling, skiing, snowboarding, […]

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RV Cooking: The Dutch Oven and RVing

RVers typically appreciate the opportunity to cook homemade meals in their convenient and handy recreational vehicle kitchens. It’s one of the most popular aspects of RV travel. It decreases the need for eating out and filling up on junk food. It also provides the opportunity to veer away from the traditional modes of cooking popular […]

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The Great Outdoors: RVing After Dark

When it comes to the great outdoors most people have a lot of grandiose ideas about becoming one with nature and enjoying their natural love of physical activities with which they may or may not have any personal experience. Trouble comes when these novices head out RVing without any definite plans or preparations on how […]

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