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International RVer Appreciation Week: Meet Mike and Lynda Petersen

Pedata RV Center sells quality used RVs at wholesale prices direct to the public. Given this unique setup it isn’t surprising that many prospective RV buyers turn to them for help. In fact, Pedata RV Center regularly handles RV purchases for international buyers. As a thank you for customers willing to place this much trust in the company and in the individuals who make it run, Pedata RV Center has declared this week International RVer Appreciation Week.

To celebrate International RVer Appreciation Week, other Pedata RV Center customers and potential customers will get the opportunity to experience the Pedata experience through the eyes of featured buyers from Pedata’s international past. Meet the first international RVers pulled from Pedata’s little black book: Mike and Lynda Petersen.

Mike and Lynda live in New Zealand. They visit the USA annually for a 4-5 week trip in their RV. When they aren’t touring the USA, the Petersens store their USA based recreational vehicle in a storage yard in California. The two will be retiring in the near future and plan on spending even more time on the road.

To support their current travels as well as their future plans, the Petersens decided to upgrade their RV. Their plan was to purchase a recreational vehicle that complied with the DMV requirements back home that would enable them to import it and register it for use in New Zealand. “Wide body” RVs are not allowed on the road by the New Zealand DMV so their RV choices were limited. They settled on the Fourwinds Seranno 31V and began searching for one available for purchase (they were looking for a new or a late model, low mileage used unit). Their search stretched across the entire United States as they planned to fly in to the purchase location, pick up the new RV, and make that the starting point for their upcoming USA RV travels.

The Petersens left nothing to chance. They looked in every arena: the Internet, RV dealers, individual sellers, etc. They called and emailed to verify information and pinpoint any details lacking from online descriptions. Their quest ended with a 2011 31V at Pedata RV Center in Tucson. It drew their interest because it was low mileage and was advertised as being “good as new.” After all the RVs the Petersens had studied, they even felt it was priced competitively.

The Petersens made the initial contact to request information.“ Bob [Sparrow] was very helpful and got all the information for me that I asked for.” Emails flew back and forth, plans changed, travel itineraries were altered and then thrown out the window and the Petersens decided that they weren’t going to be able to pick up the RV in the USA. They now needed it shipped directly to New Zealand. This would mean spending what most would consider a lot of money to purchase something they had not been able to see in person. This blind purchase would have to be made from someone the Petersens had never met and who lived, literally, on the other side of the world.

The Petersens discussed their change of plans with Jerry Bronderslev (Bob happened to be out of the office on the day of this call) and they found their second contact point at Pedata RV Center to be just as patient and accommodating. Jerry gave them the reassurance and confidence that they needed to go ahead with the purchase. The Petersens received a number of photos and Jerry arranged to take them on a live video tour of the RV to keep them involved in the process and alleviate any fears they may have had about purchasing an RV long distance.

In the words of the Petersens, the “video tour sealed” the deal. Details were discussed and arranged (delivery, taxes, etc.) The sale negotiations were dealt with and the Serrano purchase was finalized. The Petersens described Jerry as going “well beyond the call of duty in organizing [additional] accessories [for shipment]. Jerry looked after everything and kept [them] up to date. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him.”

The Petersens found that the delivery process was handled quickly and efficiently. They also noted that the RV was mistaken during the shipping process as a “new one” because it was in “such good condition.”

Pedata RV Center was excited to hear that the Petersens are so well pleased with their Pedata RV Center process and that they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their RV. The two have a lot of big plans for their recreational vehicle once it sets down on New Zealand soil in order to convert it from left hand drive to right as well as alter electrical capacity to accommodate the 240 volts requirement instead of the 110 volts of the USA. Doing so will allow them to get their Serrano signed off by the New Zealand DMV and electrical authority so they can get out on the road.

Pedata RV Center is excited for Mike and Lynda and hope that they enjoy their new RV. They’ll no doubt make a name for themselves amongst New Zealand RVers not only for having a unique RV, but also for getting out and living. They’re obviously more than capable of accepting any challenge. They will most likely find new challenges and create new adventures every time they take their RV out for another trip or to a new destination.

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