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Month: July 2012

Squeezing a Tight Budget: Used RVs For Sale By Owner Aren’t the Answer

A lot of potential RVers have a tight budget. Some view full time RVing as a potential solution. Others view their limited funds as a solid reason inhibiting them from exploring the possibilities of the RVing lifestyle. It’s a funny combination of conclusions, but has an easy explanation. Regardless of the scenario a potential RVer leans towards, used RVs for sale by owner aren’t the answer for maximizing limited funds when purchasing a recreational vehicle in preparation for life on the road. Consider the scenario and its potential solutions carefully.

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Motorhomes For Sale: Check out the Kitchen

Some people are excellent shoppers. They seem to have an innate sense of what to look for and where to look for it, how much to pay and how to get the best deal. When the shopping is for an RV, the process becomes a little more intense and a little more difficult, but there are still those who are simply good at it. Others like to label them “lucky” rather than skilled, but the fact of the matter is that being a good shopper is a skill. It is also a fact that while some people have a natural affinity for certain skills, they can also be learned.

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Ready to Put the RV for Sale? Try One More Road Trip

Some consumers leap into RVing headfirst. They don’t consider their vacationing style. They ignore their history of travel (or non-travel). The number of vacations taken per year, the typical vacation budget, the average number of participants in any given vacation and the type of vacation location preferred are not taken into consideration prior to purchasing. This can lead to major hang ups down the road. For many, it means putting the poor RV for sale before ever even giving it a chance to succeed.

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 6 Smart Phone Applications to Benefit Summer RV Travel and Camping

Pedata RV Center releases their Top 6 Picks list of the smart phone applications that they think travelers will get the most use out of this summer during camping and RV travel. The various apps are all camping/RV travel related, but have a variety of general purposes from saving money on gas to nighttime campfire […]

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Cooking on the Road: Mixes to Keep in the Diesel Pusher Cabinet

Many vacationers want to eat more home-cooked meals, but it’s usually the recreational vehicle owners who actually accomplish the task. The diesel pusher is versatile and convenient in many ways, but the most prized aspect of the RV is often identified as the kitchen. Traveling with a kitchen changes the name of the game.

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Reading On the Road: A Summer Reading List for the Fifth Wheel

While most children still have the summers “off” from the traditional, regimented school schedule, that doesn’t mean time shouldn’t be spent furthering their education over the break. At the very least, summer vacationers should consider a summer reading list. It’s an easy way to keep the brain active even while spending family vacation time traveling in the fifth wheel.

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Finding Used RVs for Sale: Use iPhone Apps to Keep the Kids Entertained

There’s a lot of information out there for RVers looking to include small children in their “on the road” escapades. There’s also plenty of information on kid-friendly RV cooking, kids’ crafts that can be incorporated into RV travels, and even educating children through effective home schooling methods while enjoying a full time RV lifestyle. What some find surprising is the lack of information on entertaining the children while attempting to find used RVs for sale.

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Vermont State Parks: After Identifying the Perfect Travel Trailer for Sale

August is the time to start studying the available travel trailers for sale for those who tend to want to incorporate the RV into their regular travel, but avoid traveling during the summer months. Allowing for plenty of “browsing” time will ensure that there’s not a purchasing rush that could lead a new RV owner into a vehicle that won’t fulfill their basic needs. After identifying the perfect travel trailer for sale, new RVers should consider what destinations and locations suit their preferences in combination with the upcoming season. Then search for the perfect first trip.

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Helpful RV Dealers : Ask Questions and Get Answers

Not all RV dealers will be useful to new RV owners. Some RV dealers may be cranky and others might simply be unfamiliar with the lifestyle their product delivers. This may seem ludicrous, but it happens more often than some think. When looking to purchase a product that delivers on expected standards, new buyers should carefully consider RV dealers and their awareness of the various industry lifestyles.

Helpful RV dealers will answer questions posed by new recreational vehicle buyers even when they are not directly related to inventory on hand.

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Back to Nature in the Class B Motorhome: Natural On the Road Beauty Tips

Many associate pampering with vacationing and since getting back to nature is a popular theme in the RVing world, some RVers will enjoy incorporating a natural spa day. There are a number of natural beauty tips to pamper the RVer that can easily be planned and implemented while “on the road” in the Class B motorhome.

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Pedata RV Center Publishes Cooking and Photography Tips for Summer RV Travelers

Pedata RV Center publishes tips on cooking and photography to benefit summer vacationers who are turning to the RV lifestyle. Many RVers have difficulty adjusting their RV lifestyle to suit the summer months, but with the helpful tips and hints, the RVer can maximize their enjoyment of the RV in the hot season with little […]

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