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Month: June 2012

Used Motorhomes For Sale: No Experience Required

Used motorhomes for sale offer so many advantages to the typical American that some jump into the purchase feet first without a lot of thought, consideration or even a trial period. Some take their time. Some even rent a recreational vehicle prior to following through on a used motorhomes for sale purchase to ensure the RVing lifestyle is a good fit. This is a fantastic idea, but it’s not the only successful method of becoming an RVer.

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Avoiding Wildfires: The RVer and the Used Travel Trailer

There were 78,792 wildfires in the U.S.A in the year 2009. These fires affected 5,921,786 acres. If nothing else, these numbers should bring home to RVers and campers everywhere that wildfire prevention is not a joke and it is not to be taken lightly. Smoky the Bear says, “Only you can prevent wildfires.” This is the premise every RV owner should work off of when traveling in a used travel trailer.

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On the Road with the Daniels Family in the Motor Home Class C

It’s no surprise that every RV trip is going to be different than the last. Each trip will have its own destinations, participants, stops and details. Even “annual” destinations come with new sights, sounds and memories each time the trip is made. More than that, RVers should note that each trip is going to be different depending on who is making the trip.

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The “Double Check List” for Fifth Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheel trailers are often outfitted to drastically decrease the need for packing. This is one of the many advantages of RVing. Due to the fact that the RV provides accommodations for traveling as well as a substantial amount of storage for items needed while on the road, many lose the stress and worry that is often associated with “packing for a trip.” While this is one of the advantages of the recreational vehicle, it can also lead to a recurring problem.

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Why Get Roadside Assistance for the Fifth Wheel Trailer?

Many modern day drivers and RVers have access to roadside assistance coverage. It is convenient. It is affordable. In fact, it is often included in the price of normal automobile insurance for regular family cars, the fifth wheel trailer, motorized RVs, etc. The general idea of roadside assistance is to have a backup to call in case of emergency. We recommend viewing the roadside assistance coverage not as a backup, but as the one to call first. It decreases the stress of “finding” someone who can drop what they’re doing to help with your roadside emergency. It also avoids the issue of out of town roadside assistance needs for those who are on the road in their fifth wheel trailer or other RV.

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The Recreational Vehicle Can Now Enjoy the Indoors: North Dakota Indoor RV Park

The recreational vehicle is an outdoor animal. It was designed to be able to handle the wilds while providing the creature comforts that make “roughing it” more enjoyable. In light of this fact, some might find it surprising that an indoor RV park is opening up in July 2012: North Dakota Indoor RV Park. It’s the first indoor RV Park of its kind. The scheduled opening is for mid-July 2012.

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Pedata RV Center Published Article on Basic First Aid and Injury Prevention During RV Travel

Pedata RV Center published an article on basic first aid and injury prevention techniques for use during RV travel this summer. RVing tips and hints on both avoiding injury and treating injury, should it occur, are meant to increase general awareness and result in a decrease of actual injury during RV travel and popular outdoor […]

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RVing: Simplify Summer Trips with Camping Apps

Some RVers that own smart phones made the purchase in order to enjoy access to games and social media. Others turn to the smart phone as a way to improve their ability to keep in touch with work or personal contacts through constant access to calls, texts, emails, etc. Some weren’t sure why they desperately needed a smart phone, but simply felt that the seemingly universal dependence on the tiny devices must mean they were missing something important. The expert recreational vehicle owner with even the smallest amount of smart phone savvy will be able to instantly assert that the most useful feature of this particular device is actually the easy access to RVing and camping applications. For those who are set against the smart phone, there are a few camping and RVing applications that will result in a change of heart.

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RVing: More Summer Recipes for the Road

There aren’t many of us that haven’t heard someone reference the fact that the oven “heats up the house.” This is particularly true when RVing. The smaller the space, the less effort it takes to alter the temperature. This means that using the RV oven is an important consideration. The need to avoid oven use depends upon the situation at hand. Some have no problem using the energy necessary to cool the recreational vehicle after the oven heats it up. Others aren’t traveling in areas where it is a problem. But for those who are RVing in popular summer hot spots where the RV needs to be kept as cool and comfortable as possible, summer recipes for the road that don’t involve the use of the RV oven can be a very important.

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 3 National Parks to Hit This Summer in Your Recreational Vehicle

Pedata RV Center releases Top 3 List of National Parks to hit this summer in a recreational vehicle. Summer is always a popular time for travel. This is due to the fact that popular summer activities often require travel as well as the fact that the traditional school schedule leaves students without their normal day-to-day […]

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“Go To” RV Road Trip Snacks: Dos and Don’ts

The RV road trip is often used as a scapegoat for a failed diet, an unexplainable increase in weight, and even an abrupt decrease in overall health. What many try to ignore is that the road trip itself isn’t to blame for any of these negative situations. RVers who tend to use the RV road trip as an excuse for health problems, weight gain or dieting failures should consider what it is about their habits on the road that are creating negative effects. For most the answer is in their snacking.

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