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Month: May 2011

RV Sales And Fake Sellers

RV sales, as with any type of sales, offers many fraudulent sales people an opportunity to take advantage of naïve or eager individuals. This is why it is important for you to take heed to the RV sales advice below. You do not want to end up with a lemon, or have your money stolen, […]

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RVs And Volunteering While Traveling

There are many people who own RVs who have a spirit of philanthropy. These folks hit the road in their RVs over spring break, the summer or winter months, or throughout the year spending time volunteering while they travel. You may be surprised at the endless opportunities that exist for owners of RVs who are […]

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Motor Homes: Facts On the Class A RV Unit

Motor homes that are considered to be the most luxurious or spacious are the Class A RV units. While you can purchase these motor homes both new and used, there are some basic informational facts that overarch all makes and models. Read below to find out more on Class A motor homes. 1. These motor […]

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Class A Recreational Vehicle – Retire In Opulence

At the top of the comfort charts, Class A RVs can provide a luxurious and opulent life on the road. Have you imagined yourself in a Class A motor coach that is more elegant that your physical home? Do you day dream about retiring in a Class A RV that offers a high-end, top of […]

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Class B Maintenance Items That You Need To Know

After purchasing your Class B motor home unit, whether you bought the RV new or used, there are some maintenance items that you need to know. A Class B RV should be taken care of while you are driving it on vacation, but also prior to hitting the road in it so that you avoid […]

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Fifth Wheel Financing Guidance

Looking at financing options for a new or used fifth wheel RV can appear to be overwhelming, which does not have to be the case. Already, by spending time researching fifth wheel financing options, as you have, you are making smart, educated choices that can help the end result be a positive one. There are […]

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Basics On Travel Trailers: Before You Purchase

There are several types of travel trailers on the market today, both new and used, that may suit you and your RVing expectations. Travel trailers come as fifth wheel units or as toy haulers, light and small models, or as larger, more luxurious units. There are high end units, as well as basic, unfurnished travel […]

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Class C RV Travel Safely With Your Family Pets

Class C motor home owners have been hitting the road with their family pets for years and years. Traveling with your four legged friends in your Class C RV is one of the reasons RVing is such an attractive way to explore the countryside. It saves money on boarding and pet sitting, and including pets […]

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Toy Hauler Information: Why Buy

The type of RV called a toy hauler has been a favorite of motor home enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy adventure. Adventurers who travel in the summer months, as well as the winter months, have found the toy hauler the best recreational vehicle unit option for them because it is designed to haul toys (canoes, […]

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Travel Trailer Tips On Becoming More Eco Friendly

When you go exploring with your recreational vehicle or travel trailer, you may often wonder how you can make the trip more eco-friendly. There is a “going green” trend sweeping most industries, and the RV industry has not been excluded. This means that you can purchase a new travel trailer or motor home that has […]

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