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Month: January 2011

Used Travel Trailers For Sale And Weight Limits

One main reason that used travel trailers for sale get into accidents when on the road is because the RV has too much weight. No one wants to get into an accident, so when driving used travel trailers for sale or any motor home unit, pay attention to how much you load. It is up […]

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Arizona Used RV Sales And Area Travel Spots

It is common to find people who want to spend more wisely and save money during a tough economy. Those who want to purchase a motorhome, often find themselves looking at used RV sales. Buying from used RV sales vs. buying a new motor home means that you will be saving money immediately, especially because […]

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Pedata RV Center Urges New RVers to Listen to the Experts Regarding Trip Planning

Pedata RV Center urges new RVers to listen to the experts regarding trip planning.

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Fifth Wheel Camper American Vacation Spots

The following top hot spots may be perfect for you and your fifth wheel camper traveling companions. You will find a broad range of recommendations that you can take a vacation to with your recreational vehicle or fifth wheel camper. There are spots on the ocean front where you can park your fifth wheel camper, […]

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Motor Homes For Sale And Maintaining Good Habits

It has been noted that some RV owners do not think they can live in good healthy while traveling in motor homes for sale or other recreational vehicle units. Some feel stagnant and sedentary because of the lack of activity when driving motor homes for sale, while others eat lots of junk food and gain […]

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Travel By Fifth Wheels While Snacking Healthy

There are a lot of folks who choose to change their eating habits as a New Years resolution. They want to eat healthy and lose weight. If you are a fifth wheels or RV owner, the good news is that you, too, can maintain such a goal and resolution. Making healthy choices for snacks when […]

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Pedata RV Center Publishes Additional Videos to the Pedata YouTube Channel

Pedata RV Center publishes additional videos on motorhome maintenance to the Pedata YouTube channel.

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RVs For Sale Getting Rest – Why It Is Important

Are you a fulltime RVs for sale driver who travels long distances without a lot of sleep? Did you know that this could be dangerous to you and others on the road? Getting enough sleep when traveling by RVs for sale is necessary to be fully safe when driving. Lacking sleep could cause you to […]

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Pedata RV Center Publishes Tips to Make First Time RV Expeditions Successful

Pedata RV Center publishes tips to make first time RV expeditions successful.

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Traveling With Pets In Your Class C RV

There are many more Class C RV and travel trailer owners who are traveling with their pets. These Class C RV owners are saving money that they would typically spend putting their animals in boarding or paying someone to pet sit. You should know that Class C RV owners can enjoy their vacation plans with […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 3 List of Travel Related New Year’s Resolutions

Pedata RV Center releases Top 3 list of travel related new year’s resolutions. Experienced travel industry experts often hear the travel related New Year’s resolutions of consumers at this time of year.

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Used RVs And Safety Measures

When traveling across country in used RVs, you will need to make sure that you are prepared and taking the appropriate safety measures. Used RVs may require that you engage in additional precautionary efforts prior to hitting the road. Read the simple safety tips below for used RVs and travel trailers. They are important for […]

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Post-Purchase Of Used RVs For Sale By Owner, Plan For The Unknown

If you are in the market for used RVs for sale by owner and have already thought about what used RVs for sale by owner you can afford, you could be nearer to your life on the road. If you know what type of motor home you want to purchase from used RVs for sale […]

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Used RVs For Sale Owners Fall Outside The Stereotype

People who own and shop for new or used RVs for sale no longer fall into the basic stereotype of retiree or outdoor enthusiast. The new demographic for owners of used RVs for sale is much broader and more inclusive, giving the industry a boost. In the past, owners of used motorhomes for sale were […]

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