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Month: March 2010

Can Your RV Dealer Tell You How Much Your RV Weighs?

It is important to know how much your travel trailer weighs. Your RV dealer can tell you that the weight of your RV affects your safety and the safety of other travelers on the road. How much it costs to drive your RV, and how difficult it is to drive it is affected by the […]

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Consult Your RV Dealer about Your Holding Tanks

RV dealers will tell you the holding tanks are one part of the RV that you don’t want to have malfunction. If you keep them clean, they will keep on working for you over a longer period. Due to the amount of bacteria and number of pathogens that can thrive in your tanks, you owe […]

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RV Insurance for Your Used Travel Trailers

Whether you are purchasing a new Motorhome Class A, or used travel trailers, you need to make some decisions about insurance. You may wish to explore all options in your state before you let the RV dealer clinch the deal. Why you need RV insurance Almost all states require RV owners to have insurance. No […]

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How to Choose a Generator for Your Used Travel Trailers

If you’re planning to dry camp (sometimes known as “boondocking”), you need a generator. There are a number of different generators from which to choose for use with your used travel trailer. Where do you begin when you look for a generator? One thing you need to consider is what size generator you need or […]

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Dealing with Health Needs on the Road in Your Class C Motorhome

The RV lifestyle is grand! You go places, see things, and there seems to be no end to the fun traveling in your class C motorhome. No one likes to think about going to the hospital when they are enjoying their freedom on the road. Of course, emergency trips to the hospital are one thing, […]

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Tips for Storing Your Class C Motorhome

What do you do with your Class C motorhome in the off-season? What is the most secure place to keep your fifth wheel trailer? What kind of security do you need to have in place?  These are questions every Class C motor home owner needs to answer. Can you park it in your driveway? The […]

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To Solar Panel or Not to Solar Panel Your Used Motor Homes

There are many promises made about how much you can save on electricity if you install solar panels on your used motor homes. How does performance measure up?  Is it cost effective? Can you use solar energy alone to power your lights and appliances? Are solar panels cost effective? Solar panels are a big investment. […]

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What Kind of Energy is best For Your Used Motor Homes?

Energy prices seem to be going up every time you plug in an appliance, or flip a switch in your used motor homes. Many motor home owners are looking for ways to cut back on energy costs. Electricity and propane are generally the choices for motor homes, but which is more efficient and cost effective. […]

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How to Find Free WiFi on the Road in Your RV Rental

If you like to stay connected by computer while you’re on the road in your RV rental, one way to do it is to find the free WiFi as you travel. WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity, and it is a local area network – sometimes referred to as a “hot spot.” It uses high frequency […]

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Fun Things to do in your RV Rental

“Are we there yet?”  Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever traveled with young children knows this question by heart. Your RV rental trip will be no exception. What are some fun things families can do on a road trip in a Class A motor home? Things to do with children Play, “I’m Going on a […]

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