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Month: January 2010

After the RV Sales, the Accessories

One of the joys of the RV lifestyle is being able to pare down the “stuff” in your life. So, after you’ve been to the RV sales, give yourself some time, and a few short trips in your RV before you begin accessorizing your motorhome. Purchase only whatever accessories will enhance your life. Here are […]

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You Might Just Hang Out at RV Sales If

How can you tell if you are an RV enthusiast? Is there a way to recognize other enthusiasts at RV sales? Here is a list that might help. You might just be an RV enthusiast if you: Like to imagine you are crossing the prairie in a covered wagon. Picture yourself as a rock star […]

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Eco-friendly Camping in RVs

What kind of camping gear do you need to make your motorhome eco-friendly? If you page through the green camping gear catalogs on (recycled) paper or online, you can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of things vendors try to convince you is necessary to be a responsible citizen. Americans do love their stuff! But, […]

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Green and Clean in Your RVs

While the industry is working to make RVs that will help you to leave a smaller carbon footprint, the cleaning products you use to clean your travel trailer may contain toxic chemicals that are making that footprint bigger. They have the capacity to endanger your health, and your enjoyment of life. You can make your […]

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Accident Preparedness in Motor Homes

The word “accident” almost presupposes that you cannot be prepared. In some senses, that would be right. However, accidents do happen, and there are things you can do to be prepared just in case. Ways to avoid accidents One of the biggest causes of accidents is distraction. One huge distraction is talking or texting on […]

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Living Frugally in Motor Homes

Living frugally does not mean doing without things you need. It means being a wise consumer, and buying carefully the things that you need. The lifestyle of people with motor homes is often perceived as the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Or, at the very least, the lifestyle of people who have more money […]

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Necessary Take-Along Items for Your Class A RV

About halfway through your RV vacation is when you begin to realize that you do not have everything you need. Everyone’s “must have” list will be different, but here are a few ideas of things you might consider taking along with you. Take along a notebook, pencil and pen to write down the things you […]

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Good Ideas to Make Your First Class A RV Trip Great

Here are a few things that you can do to make life easier, simpler, and/or safer in your Class A RV. These are especially helpful for beginning RVers, but experienced travelers may learn something as well. A review is always helpful. Take time to sit down and read all of your manuals, paperwork, and anything […]

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Visit Portugal in Your Class B

Traveling with a group and a tour guide when they go abroad is adventure enough for some. Others prefer to backpack across the countryside to visit places tour groups never see. If roughing it is too extreme, but you want a leisurely tour – or tours – a third alternative is to RV through a […]

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How to Choose Your Class B RV

You’ve decided that your RV should be a Class B or camper van. How can you be a wise buyer? Evaluate the cost Always consider your budget. Your budget is more than the amount of money you will spend on your RV. It includes things such as how much it will cost for insurance, the […]

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