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Toy Hauler Trailer: Where Do YOU Take It?

So you bought a toy hauler trailer. Where do you take it? Where have you taken it that you would NOT take it again? Where do you want to take it next? What’s your dream road trip? What make you decide that buying a toy hauler trailer was the best idea?

There are so many options out there for those interested in purchasing recreational vehicles. Some choose to indulge in the luxury of the Class A. Others prefer the lower price tag available with the Class B or Class C recreational vehicle option. But then there are those innovative individuals who see the beauty of the toy hauler trailer specifically.

Recreational vehicles that are referred to as toy hauler trailers have a few characteristics that define them:

  1. They are trailers. They hitch to a tow vehicle. This means they can be unhitched at the campsite.
  2. They “haul toys.” This usually refers to the fact that the interior space of the trailer is not only comfortable for living space once camp is set up, but that there are accommodations made in the general design of the trailer that allow owners to store “toys” during travel. These often include: sand dune cars, quads, 3 wheelers, dirt bikes, etc. This type of “toy” is a popular accessory to the RV.

So, where is it that toy hauler trailer owners are taking their vehicles? Where do they like to spend their time? Here are a few popular answers:

The dunes near Yuma, Arizona: this is a popular spot for those who love riding outdoor recreational vehicles like quads, dirt bikes, etc. It’s the only location of its ilk, but it is one of the most popular and easily accessible.

Family reunions: who doesn’t love to get together with family? And who doesn’t often wish they had “their own spot” when out of town, crammed into rented spaces with a ton of family members that are only seen annually (for a reason)? Many solve the problem quickly and efficiently by showing up for the family reunion in their toy hauler trailer. They have their own “space” and they can bring along some of their favorite toys to share (or to escape on).

National Parks and Reserves: everyone has their favorite and the reasons for each “favorite” choice vary. But whatever the reason and wherever the park…the national parks and reserves are designated as such for a reason and will probably always be on the top 20 list of great places to pull up, park your toy hauler trailer, set up camp and enjoy the sights. We recommend: Yellowstone National Park, City of Rocks National Reserve, Congaree National Park, Glacier National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the areas designated as official national parks or reserves have specific areas set aside for camping and RV sites.

State Parks and local attractions: we’ve all got those times when our vacations need to occur a little bit closer to home. It may be that we want to cut back on the cost by sticking to a nearby area or it may be that we don’t have enough time off to travel a great distance. But whatever the reason, many toy hauler trailer RV owners list various state parks and local hot spots on their lists of favorite places to visit regularly in their recreational vehicle. Some of the spots that are mentioned frequently include: Sherwin Creek in Mammoth Ranger District, California, Dorena Lake in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Newaygo State Park in Newaygo, Michigan, Blackberry Crossing in Conway, New Hampshire and, of course, many more.

Not sure what to do with your new toy hauler trailer? We suggest getting it out on the open road. Choose a spot and get moving. You’ll get to take another trip soon. That’s the beauty of it all. The road is now yours for the taking; whenever you feel like getting away.

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