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Why RV vacations are on the incline and rising

If you have never considered an RV vacation, you might not understand that this particular way of enjoying the pristine outdoors is on the rise in a big way. In fact, because of what many avid RV owners and vacationers already know, RV sales are trending upward, a fact due to a variety of surprising benefits that come with camping in an RV.

That said, if you are an RV enthusiast and have always enjoyed vacations on wheels but never really knew about some of the scientific benefits, you might discover even more justification to add one or two trips to your annual RV season.

1. Social Distancing

Unfortunately, the pandemic is a new reality. For health reasons, it is important to increase the space between people, and RV vacations do just that. As with most families, you have your proven pod of people to hang around with without much worry of catching anything. However, if you want to camp with friends and extended family members, you can do so at just about any campground. For instance, RV campsites are anywhere between 50 and 100 feet away from other spots. Consequently, you can hang out safely with people without jeopardizing their health or your own.

2. Great for the Immune System

Not only does RV camping provide a real-world solution to socializing, researchers have found that that both luxury and outdoor camping help relax people and lower cortisol. As your cortisol lowers, your stress evaporates, and your body heals as a result.
Because RV camping includes luxury as well as the ability to get out for an extended breath of scenic air, you are doing yourself a healthy favor by spending more weekends out on the road and beneath the canopy of your favorite campsite. If there is any reason to go ahead and purchase that used RV you have had your eyes on, this is the reason.

3. Balanced ability to slowly unplug

In addition to the natural health boosts your body receives when you RV, the time on the road in luxury and at the campsite relaxing will help you to naturally unplug from the online world. Doing so has been shown to help people de-stress as well as to be less prone to depression. However, as any behavioral scientist will tell you, unplugging all at once does not actually work.

Because an RV comes with a variety of technological amenities, you can still enjoy television, radio, and laptop connections. Of course, there are plenty of plugins to keep your phone charged. However, the natural allure of camping RV style causes you to naturally set those things aside for hours at a time, helping you to attain a peaceful equilibrium.

4. Luxury comes with you

Although camping in a tent comes with its own hardy benefits, an RV allows you to pamper yourself. In fact, the initial outing in your RV is unlike anything you will ever experience. Driving a new or used RV and being able to recline, read, and enjoy a drink is a simple pleasure you will remember for your entire life.

Additionally, many newer and used RVs are basically hotel rooms on wheels. The décor, kitchenettes, and eating areas are so compact yet roomy that it is easy to escape–as you escape.

Other common accessories include the following.

– air conditioning
– solar
– private bath with shower attachment
– awning for shade

Finally, many RVs allow you to easily extend them by adding a screened-in sunroom. These additions are tent-like in construction and snap right to the RV. With the screen in place, you can enjoy sitting outside without being pestered by bugs or drizzle.

5. Able to easily enjoy multiple destinations

Because camping in a tent requires time to setup and an equal amount of time breaking everything down, you are likely going to stay in one location during your vacation. However, with an RV, all you have to do is unplug your RV from the camp’s electric service and buckle up. This convenience allows you to easily enjoy multiple locations during your vacation.

Additionally, if you need to get supplies from somewhere nearby or if there are scenic sites that you must not miss, you can leisurely drive wherever you want and return to your campsite for the night.

6. Intimate

Although RVs are perfect for families, they are notoriously fun and intimate for any couple wanting to reconnect and enjoy one-on-one time in beautiful surroundings. For instance, getting up in the morning for a peaceful breakfast is like being on a planet made specific for vacations. Similarly, sitting under the awning over champagne and the sunset is the perfect way to forget the world and keep your relationship healthy.

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