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What is the most rented type of RV?

Do you ever think about what kind of RV gets rented most? Learning about RV rental trends is eye-opening. With a lively RV market and changing traveler tastes, the top spot in the RV rental season is always up for grabs.

In 2019, the RVRA survey showed a boom in RV rentals. Conventional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes were the big winners. These types were the favorites. Travel trailers were estimated to be 52% of the rentals, and Class C motorhomes were at 34%. This popularity shows that renters love the flexibility and family focus of these kinds of RVs.

Key Takeaways

  • The RV rental market is growing, with conventional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes leading the charge.
  • In the 2019 RVRA survey, it was found that 52% of the rental market would be travel trailers.
  • Class C motorhomes were at 34%, indicating their popularity.
  • The rise in RV rental revenue in 2019 tells us that travelers are really into it.
  • Knowing RV rental trends is crucial for making smart choices for both renters and businesses.

The Popularity of RV Rentals in Recent Years

The rise in RV rentals is mainly due to the pandemic’s effect on travel. In 2020, many sought out RV travel as a safer choice, avoiding crowded places like airports and hotels. This led to a big jump in people wanting to rent RVs.

The pandemic also made remote work more common. This meant that as people started working from home, they could work from beautiful places too. For families, it was a chance to mix schooling with traveling, a trend known as roadschooling. It let them learn while exploring new places together.

Leading Types of RVs in the Rental Market

Recent surveys by the RV Rental Association show some RV types are very popular. Conventional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes are leading in the rental business. They’re mostly what you’ll find out there.

These types are getting more popular year after year. More and more, you can rent them easily. This shows that many people like these types and want to rent them.

There are also other types of RVs available. This includes Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and soft-sided pop-ups. But, they make up a smaller part of the market. It seems people prefer the ease and practicality of conventional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes.

In short, RV rental trends clearly favor conventional travel trailers and Class C motorhomes. These trends lead to more rentals and show how popular they are in the market.

Why Conventional Travel Trailers are the Most Rented

Many factors have pushed conventional travel trailers to the top of the rental list. A big reason is the high ownership of pickup trucks and SUVs in North America. This makes it easier for people to tow these RVs. So, they’re a popular choice for outdoor adventures.

Travel trailers also score big with their freedom. People can detach them to explore, using the towing vehicle separately. This “tow & go” ability is a major draw for those who love moving around.

Moreover, there’s a growing trend of campground delivery services. This option reflects a choice for both the hands-on campers and those wanting more ease. The service delivers and sets up the trailer at the campsite, offering the best of both worlds.

In the end, it’s really about how well travel trailers fit people’s needs. Their blend of flexibility, ease, and fitting in with daily vehicles makes them a top pick.

Exploring the Appeal of Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are a top pick in the RV rental world. They are loved for being great for families and easy to handle. These motorhomes stand out with sleeping areas above the cab and roomy insides. They mix a manageable size with enough space, perfect for big family travels.

A big draw of a Class C RV is how easy it is to drive. Unlike huge RVs, they’re simple to steer and park. This appeals to renters of all driving abilities, offering both comfort and manageability.

The living space in a Class C is usually decked out with all you need, like a full kitchen and a bathroom. These extras make the trip feel like home. Families get to enjoy the journey without missing their daily comforts.

To wrap it up, the Class C RV stays a favorite for family trips. Its size and comfy features, along with easy handling, keep it in the spotlight. It offers a great balance of convenience and coziness, perfect for families exploring together.

Trends and Predictions for the RV Rental Market

In 2020, the RV rental market was greatly impacted by the pandemic. Outdoorsy and other companies saw a huge increase in bookings, breaking records for the year. These events have made people very curious about the future of RV rentals and what’s to come.

Experts predict that the market for renting RVs will keep getting bigger. A big reason is that more people are using RVs to earn extra money. This lets the owners make cash by renting their RVs out.

Another factor in the market’s growth is the love for the van life trend. This way of living, where you have lots of freedom, appeals to everyone, from young people to those who have retired. And more and more people are giving this kind of travel a try.

  • Working from an RV and seeing new places is a new trend that’s catching on fast. This has caused more people to rent RVs, so they can work and travel at the same time.
  • Booking campsites early has also become very common. People are planning and reserving their spots way in advance because they’re so popular.

These changes are making the future of RV rentals look very bright. The market is expected to keep growing. Thanks to new ways of traveling and more chances to get into the market, the future seems very promising.

User Preferences and Experiences in RV Rentals

In 2020, nearly 90% of renters were trying RVs for the first time. This means we’re seeing lots of new ideas and experiences in RV travel. Also, trips are getting longer, showing more people are choosing to stay out longer.

Places like California, Colorado, and Texas are super popular for RV trips. They have beautiful routes and camping spots, perfect for RV fans. People mainly choose towable trailers for their trips because they’re good value. In fact, almost half of all rentals last year were these trailers.

The mix of new renters, longer trips, and smart choices in vehicles is changing the RV rental world. More people are going on seasonal trips and changing how they enjoy the outdoors. This shows a big shift in what people want from their RV adventures.


In recent years, the RV rental market has grown a lot. This growth was mainly due to the pandemic changing how people want to travel. Since traditional travel seemed riskier, more people turned to renting RVs for safety.

This change showed that many already had vehicles that could tow RVs. With these vehicles available, more people could easily rent travel trailers. This part of the RV rental market became very popular. It marked how adaptable the market is to people’s needs.

The RV rental market looks set to keep growing. It offers a way to travel that is flexible and free. First-time renters, the ability to work remotely, and a love for road trips are helping the market. As these trends continue, the RV rental industry will stay strong and appealing.

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