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Do You Maintain Sufficient RV Insurance?

Today, recreational vehicle owners in large numbers maintain RV insurance policies. While obtaining auto liability insurance (and/or RV liability insurance) poses a requirement in most states, this type of insurance also sometimes covers a wide array of potential losses and forms of property damage. Different insurance companies vary widely in the policies they offer. This brief article explores RV insurance and the different types of losses covered by various RV insurance policies.

RV Liability Insurance

Most people considering becoming RV sales customers possess some familiarity with auto insurance. Today, the vast majority of states in the USA require all licensed drivers to maintain specific minimum levels of vehicle liability insurance. This coverage helps pay the claims of other people who sustain losses or injuries if they become involved in an accident with the insured. Most states require drivers of recreational vehicles to maintain liability insurance, too. Depending upon the jurisdiction, a driver may purchase specific RV liability insurance, or obtain this coverage as an endorsement on an existing auto liability insurance policy.

In evaluating your current RV liability insurance coverage, one fact deserves special consideration. Many recreational vehicles weigh considerably more than typical cars or light pickup trucks. A collision involving an RV holds the potential to inflict a lot of damage.(1) For this reason, RV owners sometimes prefer to purchase higher than minimum required levels of RV liability insurance. Taking this step may help ensure an RV owner deemed at fault for causing an accident obtains sufficient coverage to help protect against large claims. The RV owner in this situation carries the responsibility of paying any expenses that exceed the liability coverage limits. It usually makes sense to discuss this issue carefully with your insurance agent.

Additional Types of RV Insurance Protections

Today, many companies reportedly offer comprehensive RV insurance coverage for some types of accidents and losses. The availability of this coverage varies widely, based upon a variety of considerations. These factors include the insured’s age and driving record, the location, and the record of any past claims. Comprehensive coverage typically pays actual out-of-pocket losses incurred after the deductible and within the applicable claim limits. What types of losses can owners of recreational vehicles with comprehensive insurance seek to cover? Although individual policy provisions vary based upon the insurance company, in many cases policies cover damage to the RV produced by hail storms, thefts, or collisions.

RV owners sometimes purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, too. This form of RV insurance helps protect them against losses they sustain as a result of accidents caused to them by other drivers who lack adequate insurance coverage. Nationwide, the numbers of drivers without insurance has risen sharply in the United States during recent years. One study conducted in 2015 reported one in every 8 drivers lacks any auto insurance.(2)

Special Coverage Issues

RV owners who search carefully for RV insurance also sometimes obtain policies covering specific types of losses within specified limits.(3) A few of these items include:

  • Towing costs after a roadside breakdown;
  • Coverage for injuries to people visiting your campsite i.e, “vacation liability” expenses;
  • Coverage for pet medical expenses after a collision;
  • Coverage for vehicles or golf carts towed behind an RV;
  • Coverage to pay for living expenses and travel costs if an accident occurs during a trip in an RV;
  • Coverage for personal property items transported in a recreational vehicle.

RV owners interested in obtaining these specific types of insurance policy protections should discuss their concerns with their insurance agent. Most experts agree failing to cover important personal property items sufficiently and failing to obtain adequate roadside assistance coverage pose two common complaints.(3) Consumers sometimes need to search diligently to find insurance firms willing to furnish the coverage they prefer, however.

A Highly Individual Matter

In the final analysis, obtaining RV insurance coverage closely resembles locating auto insurance. RV owners vary widely in their ability to qualify for desired insurance protections. They may also seek variable deductibles and policy limits. While everyone does need a certain basic minimal level of liability insurance, it proves helpful to carefully review different policy provisions offered by individual insurance companies. Making this extra effort helps RV owners discover the best insurance policies for their unique needs.

Further Information

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