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Recreational Vehicle RV Tips to taking your kids along!

There are many different ages and generations that take to the road in their recreational vehicle rv. Whether it is for a fulltime life on the road or if it is for the summer or weekend getaway across the country, life in a recreational vehicle rv can be fun and fit for the whole family. If you are one of those couples who feels bad about leaving their children and pets at home while you travel in your recreational vehicle rv about America seeing all of her gorgeous sites, then you should seriously think about taking the young ones along. Let them see what it is like to live on the road in your new or used motor home. Let the children feel the freedom of traveling across the country side to experience the things you have.

If you are new to the recreational vehicle life, but are ready to find the perfect, ideal recreational vehicle for you and your spouse AND you children to travel, take some time to read the following tips to help you find the perfect kid friendly motor home. While these are merely suggestions, they may guide you in your future travels with your kids.

There are many different types of classes that pertain to a recreational vehicle rv, such as the Class A recreational vehicle rv (big and bus like with a flat window pane in front); Class B recreational vehicle rv (similar to a regular van); Class C recreational vehicle rv (looks similar to a large U-Haul truck with extra sleeping space on top of the cab, which is where the driver and co-pilot sit); 5 th Wheel (trailer, easy to pull, wind resistant); and towable trailer (pulled trailer). Each of the classes of motor homes and travel trailers has their unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. It is up to you to do some pre-purchasing research to help you find the perfect and ideal recreational vehicle for your RVing needs.

If you are choosing an RV to carry children:

  • Efficient use of storage space: One of the most important tricks to traveling with children (or even alone or with just your spouse) is to utilize the space provided by the motor home with the utmost efficiency and organization. No matter what size or style your motor home is you will have a lot of hidden and visible storage space. It is up to you, as the adult, to stay organized yourself and to delegate play time space and storage areas just for your children. These can be lower recreational vehicle rv cabinet areas, underneath the kitchenette seating trunk area, or even netting for stuffed animals hung appropriately above where the children will be sleeping. Take some time to share with your children why you are choosing to spend time or a lifetime on the road in your recreational vehicle rv. Explain the benefits of not needing all of the “stuff” that sits around cluttering up your home. Share the joys of participating in the different cultures you discover nationwide, such as wood carving, sailing, kayaking, skiing, and even festival going. It might take some time to get organized or to see where everything will have its container home, but it is definitely worth it to consolidate and stay efficient.
  • Do your kids need their own sleeping space? Are you thinking about traveling with a child in his/her teens who needs a “bedroom” of their own? Or are you traveling with very young children who will be fine (short-term) with a air mattress. Note: There is a wide array of motor homes available with two bedrooms or even bunk beds for kids. Ask someone who is extremely knowledgeable about motor homes and travel trailers, such as the staff at Pedata RV Center. They are available to assist you in all of your RV buying needs.
  • Think about your children and their playing space needed: If you are thinking you will be traveling long distances, a Class A, B, or C motor home where your children can play at the kitchen table area is a good fit. If you want to utilize the time spent with your children in the pick up truck where all attention is on you and/or the driver with a towable trailer, then take a look at other RV options.

There are lots of benefits to taking children along with you and your spouse or travel partner in your recreational vehicle on the road. Just pay attention to what you’re doing, since children are dependent on you for more than your spouse or travel partner would be. Have fun and enjoy showing them all the wonderful things about living life on the road!

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