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Life in an RV During a Pandemic: How to Stay Safe

Thousands of people across the U.S. make their living quarters inside of an RV. After the COVID-19 pandemic began, additional people began utilizing their RVs for self-isolation purposes. RV sales increased as people found that recreational vehicles make life easier during a pandemic. If you fit into either category, maintain a clean, safe space for yourself while using the RV and while on the RV with the following tips. Instill this information into your daily agenda and do your part to help the spread of COVID-19.


Check-in by Phone

Per usual standards, check-in at a campground requires you to stop by the office, complete paperwork, and make payment. That is risky for both the campsite workers and travelers these days. Take care of check-in by phone or online. Many campsites have adjusted their routine and require an online or by phone transaction and others make the option easily accessible for those who prefer this route.


Wash Your Hands

The CDC says that 40% of the population do not wash their hands as frequently as recommended. Now is the perfect reason to make handwashing a habit. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20-seconds to reduce risk of germs, bacteria, and virus contamination.


Sanitize First

People come and go at campgrounds, considerably increasing the risk of transmitting coronavirus or other germs that can make you sick. Sanitize anything you will touch as soon as you arrive at the location. This includes utility connections, showers and toilets, and other items. Of course, do not reserve sanitization only for the campground. Use this same method any time you are out in public to better protect yourself against the virus.


Hand Sanitizer

Speaking of sanitizing, hand sanitizer should be part of your travel kit these days. Apply hand sanitizer liberally after touching objects that other people have also touched. Whether it’s a campsite agreement or items in the store, they may carry germs and viruses, including coronavirus. Hand sanitizer reduces the risk of transmission.


Social Distancing

Don’t get too close to other people! Social distancing is the new way of life for everyone in a pandemic world. We must maintain our distance from other people to reduce coronavirus transmission rates. Adhere to social distancing guidelines while on a campsite and in public. Maintain at least six-foot distance between yourself and people who are not in your immediate circle.


Follow CDC Guidelines

Non-credible sources of information harm us during a pandemic. Avoid any non-credible information by following the CDC on social media or by visiting their website instead. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have our best interests in mind. They provide the most up-to-date information concerning the virus and how to protect yourself.


Clean Your RV

Maintaining a clean, sanitary space is always important but more so now that we battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Clean hard surfaces with soap and water, followed by a complete disinfection routine. Clean porous surfaces with a vacuum cleaner and launder clothing as soon as possible after it becomes dirty. The CDC guidelines recommend RV owners clean and disinfect the vehicle daily for best practice against virus transmission.


Don’t Touch Your Face

Do not touch your face. The easiest way to pick up a virus or germ is by touching your face. Keep your hands away to significantly reduce the risk of transmitting any type of germ to your face, where it can then enter your mouth and cause illness.


RV Life in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has strained many of our lives, causing us to pay attention to the people and things around us and go the extra mile to protect ourselves and others. This will eventually pass and we can get back to regular lives. Until then, staying safe by adjusting our lives is the new norm. Travel safely in your RV by implementing the above tips into your daily routine. We are in this together!

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