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8 Things You Must Have In Order To Keep Your RV Organized

Many RV owners struggle with keeping their stuff organized. They often have to deal with small spaces and limited storage options. If there are some RV sales going on near you, but you are afraid to buy one because of potential storage issues, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some things that you can purchase that will allow you to have a convenient place for each of your items. Here are eight things you must have in order to keep your RV organized.

1. Hanging Closet Organizer
You might not have much space to put a large dresser in your RV. This is where a hanging closest organizer can come in handy. You can simply hang it in your closet, and place clothing or shoes into each compartment. One of the great things about hanging closet organizers is that there are a variety of different sizes to choose from. Even if you have a small closet, you can probably find a hanging closet organizer that will fit your space.

2. Miniature Plastic Drawers
Spices and small items can easily rattle around when you are driving your RV. You can keep this from happening by getting a set of miniature plastic drawers. They can fit in your cabinets, and you can use them to store all of your little items that can easily get lost. You can use these drawers for everything from toiletries to jewelry.

3. Hanging Bins
Many of us have important documents, but we just don’t know where to keep them in our RV. Hanging bins can help. You can attach these bins to your wall, and place your documents in them. You can even store books or magazines as well. Many hanging bins are lightweight so you won’t have to worry about them being too heavy for the walls of your RV.

4. Shower Caddy
RV showers tend to be small and don’t have a lot of storage space built into them. Because of this, you may have to store things like your soap, razor or shampoo on the shower floor. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to keep having to bend over to get to these items. You can easily solve this by getting a shower caddy to put your items in. Choose one that attaches to the wall with suction cups rather than behind your shower nozzle. The suction cups will allow it to stay firmly in place even while you are driving around.

5. Drawer Dividers
Things are bound to rattle around when you are driving. Before you know it, you may find your silverware all mixed around in the drawers. It can become annoying to have to separate these items every time you stop. You can solve this by placing dividers in your drawers. They don’t take up space, and they will allow each of your items to stay where you put them.

6. Towel Rack
Towels take up a lot of space, but you might not have a linen closet to put your towels in. A towel rack is the perfect solution. You can place it over your toilet or attach it to a free wall. You can use it to store not only towels but other linens as well. It’s a great way to store your towels so that you don’t just have to leave them in a clothes basket after they are washed.

7. Shelf Risers
You probably have a limited amount of cabinets in your RV and not a lot of storage space. You can get the most out of the cabinets that you do have by adding shelf rises to them. They will act as a shelf over your items, and you will be able to store other items on top. Shelf risers will allow you to get the additional space that you need in your cabinets.

8. Over-The-Sink Drying Rack
It can be difficult to figure out where to put your dishes after you wash them. You probably don’t want to leave them in the sink to dry, and you may just not have the counter space for a traditional drying rack. An over-the-sink drying rack will be very beneficial. You can place it over the back of your sink, and it won’t get in the way if you need to use your sink while your dishes are drying.

Just because you are living or traveling in an RV, it doesn’t mean that you have to deal with disorganization and not being able to find what you need. There are plenty of items available that can help you with this. By purchasing and using the eight things mentioned above in your RV, you can keep your space organized no matter how much stuff you have.

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