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Why Are Some Dealers Able to Carry a Premium Selection of Used RVs?

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) have become an intrinsic part of campground culture. In fact, you will rarely find tents on the campsites in the U.S. unless they are set up for overflow or one-nighters. Most campgrounds are loaded with RVs that are permanently anchored into the campground or at least parked there for the season.

Nevertheless, it can be a large commitment for people new to the RV life if they want to buy a new RV. Even though the financing is easy and affordable, some may worry about their long-term love for the lifestyle and how deeply invested they may become. This is when used RVs are a good option. However, not just any RV that is used will do because RVs can deteriorate rapidly without proper maintenance and suffer primarily from water damage when they do.

Premium Used RVs

In order to ensure that your money isn’t being wasted on an RV that turns into a total nightmare, it is important to shop from a reputable RV dealer, such as Pedata RV Center. Pedata RV Center takes the time to thoroughly inspect and recondition any used RVs before they put them on their lots for sale. This ensures a premium selection that stretches your dollar as far as possible.

Pedata RV Center is only able to do this because they have talented RV technicians working in-house. When the mechanics are not busy working on service and repairs for customers, they can squeeze in work on preparing used RVs in their spare time. This ensures that they are always busy and that we are always maximizing our resources to serve our customers.

You won’t find this premium quality of RVs in classified ads or sitting in a campground somewhere. In fact, it can be difficult and expensive to assess the value of used RVs. You have to commit money into the inspection yourself before you even know if you might buy one. This and the difficulty in finding a good RV mechanic are major hurdles in screening out the lemons from the high-quality vehicles.

Our inspections are extremely thorough. The technicians check the service history of the RV, look for telltale signs of body damage, and assess the overall health of the electrical systems and seals. They also check all the wear on steering, suspension, brakes, tires, and other components. If they don’t pass our quality standards, they will need a full overhaul before they go out on the roads.

At Pedata RV Center, we want you to drive away with a great deal on a vehicle that you can drive or a travel trailer that you can safely tow. And although it costs us an investment, we feel that the investment is well worth it when RV owners are happy with something that has strong functionality.

When you buy an RV on the private market from an individual seller, you may find that it is worth its weight in scrap metal. And if it lacks functionality, it doesn’t matter how cheap it was because every penny was wasted.

Do All RV Dealers Carry a Premium Selection of Used RVs?

Unfortunately, not all RV dealerships are as concerned about reputation and retaining customers for the long haul. Although other RV dealerships may put some work into their used RVs, we can’t say how thoroughly they inspect the vehicles or what their quality standards may be. At Pedata RV Center, we know for sure that you are getting a good deal. The lenders also know that our used RVs are an excellent value and are eager to help qualified buyers finance them.

We know for sure that people who sell their recreational vehicles through classified ads rarely invest any money into them before the sale. They simply don’t have the resources to make this practical or economical. Sadly, most RV owners are hard-pressed to part with their RVs because the book market values can depreciate as quickly as an automobile. Therefore, the only time that they are willing to sell is when the costs for repair become overwhelming.

Why is a Premium Used RV Almost as Good as a New RV?

When you purchase one of the reconditioned used RVs from Pedata RV Center, you are getting a better value than a brand-new model. Because used RVs often have a lot of question marks, they can be a harder seller. This drives down the price and demand. But if you are willing to trust in the reputation of Pedata RV Center that these used RVs are worth the price, you can really save big.

People will still buy brand-new RVs for the latest technology and features. And it is hard to compare with the warranty protection. But if you can save 50 percent off that retail price tag, you may be inclined to choose a premium used model instead.

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