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7 Tips For Choosing Home Decor For Your RV

When choosing home decor to give your RV some style, fashion isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Because your RV is a moving space, as well as sized differently from a typical room space,there are several things to keep in mind. Learn how to properly choose home decor for your RV.

Choosing RV Window Dressings

Dressing up your windows in the RV can be fun and help you feel more at home. But before you just rush to a regular department store, keep in mind that RV windows aren’t going to have traditional measurements. Choose a store that has a wide variety of sizes besides the basics. Measure beforehand to ensure you get the right size for your windows. Choose colors and patterns that complement other home decor choices.

Wall Decor For Your RV

Since your RV is a moving object, wall decor should be chosen wisely. Securing any wall hangings to the wall requires extra effort in the RV. To avoid drilling holes in the RV walls, there are a few options. Adhesive hooks are a popular option for lightweight items. But heavy duty adhesive hooks may be the best option when you need a hook for things like plants and other hanging decor. Some may opt for heavy duty adhesive strips when it comes to hanging pictures and similar wall decor. There is also the option of removable adhesive strips or putty if you think you will change your decor at some point. Velcro is a great way to hang cloth decor because it will be easily removed when it needs washing and just as simple to put back up.

Choosing RV Bedding

RV beds come in various sizes, depending on the type of bed and more. If you do not know the size, it may be safest to actually measure the length and width of the RV mattress or cushion before purchasing any bedding. Some of them come in traditional mattress sizes, while others do not. Some popular RV sizes include short Queen and RV bunk size. These are different from the traditional sizes. So if you have these sizes, check with a retailer who specializes in these specific items. There are often RV sales on these items since styles will change with seasons and fashion trends.

Choosing Wall Shelves For RV Decor

Wall units for an RV will need to have certain features to be successful at storing your items. Look for units with cabinets that lock if you’d like doors on your unit. Avoid heavy shelving unless you are prepared to drill holes and use anchoring hardware to be sure it stays put. Try choosing shelving that has racks to hold items more securely, rather than standard flat surfaces. The best shelving for your moving abode will contain features that will prevent doors from flying open or items sliding off surfaces.

Collectibles and Breakable Decor In An RV

Collectibles can be tricky when your space is one that moves. But there are ways to still have these items inside your RV. It helps to choose shelving that has bars or edges in front of the items it will hold. Another trick is to attach velcro to the shelving unit and the bottom of each collectible item to secure it to the unit. Some of these items might be attached to the wall in the same way. Just be sure to do this in a way that will be easily removed later, if necessary.

Choosing The Best RV Chandeliers

Since chandeliers hang from the ceiling, it might seem as though it wouldn’t work in an RV. However, there are several solutions if this is a look you’re going for. Choose the non-swinging variety to avoid damage to your lighting or RV. There are pendant chandeliers with one, three, or more arms. Lights can be facing up or down on these, depending on your style choice. If you want the look but not the danger, you might also choose designs that look like the swinging variety, except the arm does not move. Chandeliers can come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, designs, and features.

Other RV Ceiling Fixtures

Much like with chandeliers, it may be wisest to choose ceiling decor that isn’t going to be swaying when the vehicle is in motion. Hanging plants can work in an RV if secured well. Choose sturdy hooks that are anchored well. Also, be sure the plant containers and hangers are sturdy enough to withstand frequent motion.

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