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10 Things to Look For in a Good RV Storage Facility

The widespread popularity of RV Sales across the United States today indicates many households enjoy using recreational vehicles. Yet not every owner can park an RV outside a home on a permanent basis. For a variety of reasons, customers sometimes routinely place their RVs in storage during certain periods of the year. What qualities should you look for in an RV storage facility?

1. Generous Parking Space Allotments And Options

Today, RV storage facilities vary widely in the both the amount and the type of space they offer customers. For instance, some locations furnish exclusively outdoor parking areas. Other supply options for covered parking or even heated indoor parking. The suitability of the site for an individual customer’s recreational vehicle may hinge upon the quantity and the type of available space. By storing an RV indoors or in a covered location, customers gain the advantage of minimizing the impacts of harsh weather on the vehicle. On the other hand, in some sunny regions, this risk proves minimal. The Class of a motorhome matters in terms of the owner’s parking space requirements. Most experts recommend obtaining at least 19 foot-long spaces for Class B vehicles. A Class A model may use up to 40 foot long parking spaces. The space requirements of Class C vehicles fall in between these two parameters.

2. Adequate Security

Regardless of the type of storage space an RV owner selects, the security of the facility matters. Try and find a self-storage location protected by a sturdy perimeter fence. Some sites also offer on-site security cameras to help safeguard customer vehicles. These precautions help ensure thieves won’t steal the vehicles or their contents. If you anticipate relying on RV storage extensively, consider marking items within your vehicle separately with an engraving pen or a permanently affixed metal tag and filming them for insurance identification purposes. Keep a record of stored valuables.

3. Accessibility

Some RV owners appreciate obtaining 24/7 access to their stored vehicles. Others require access to the motorhome only during normal day time business hours. Choose a location meeting your personal access preferences.

4. A Convenient Location

It often proves helpful to store an RV within easy commuting distance of your residence, especially if you plan to use it frequently. Once again, personal preferences concerning this issue vary. Some owners discover cost savings by hunting for a secure RV storage site situated proximate to a favorite vacation destination.

5. The Availability of Electrical Outlets

Consider obtaining an RV storage location equipped with available electrical outlets if you plan to maintain high tech equipment in your vehicle. This convenience facilitates periodic testing to ensure infotainment features in the RV work well, for example. It may allow you to check the working condition of an air conditioning unit before you set out on a lengthy road trip, too.

6. Adequate Illumination

Adequate illumination at night contributes to the security of RV storage facilities and their customers. Overhead lights also help improve visibility, reducing accidents for anyone accessing the storage facility outside the scope of normal daytime business hours.

7. Available Dump Stations

The presence of dump stations offers convenience for customers who return RVs directly to storage following vacations. Not all facilities offer this feature, but many do. An on-site dump station assists owners seeking to winterize their vehicles in preparation for storage during cold winter months, for instance.

8. Broad Parking Aisles

Whether you prefer an outdoor or an indoor RV storage location, try and find one which supplies generous parking aisles. An owner may need to drive through the facility to reach a designated spot, for instance. It usually proves easier to navigate through a busy RV self-storage site if the facility offers wide aisles.

9. Reasonable Storage Rates

The type and size of parking space selected typically impacts the cost of RV self-storage. Additionally, prices tend to vary based upon the specific geographic area. Expect to find higher rental prices in New York City or Downtown San Francisco than in rural Wyoming. Reportedly, prices for outdoor storage range from $30 per month to $100 per month. Heated indoor storage varies nationwide from the low $100 per month range to well over $400 per month for some busy urban sites.

10. Attention to Customer Service

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of selecting a location offering attentive customer service. Recreational vehicle storage facilities, just like other businesses, vary widely in the level of assistance provided to customers. By choosing a reputable storage facility which values your business, you’ll generally enjoy a much better experience!

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