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Short, Intense Trips in Your Used Travel Trailer or RV

RV industry experts are seeing more and more people changing their RVing habits. The typical RV road trip in years past fell in the range of 5-14 days. Today’s RVers are taking their used travel trailer or RV on the road for quicker trips, but maximizing the time by planning a lot of stops and destinations during their time in the RV.

High Intensity, Shorter RV Trips:

Decrease RV Fuel Costs

Decrease Time Away from Work

Decrease Time on the Road

More Time Off from Work Left for Additional RV Trips

Pedata RV Center sees RVers embracing the new trend of short, intense road trips in their RV for all of the above reasons. Today’s vacationer wants to maximize their time away from their desk because they can’t afford to waste their vacation days. Most consumers in today’s economy are aware of both the costs of the vacation as well as the decreased income that can result from time away from the office. The new RVing trend is one effective method of addressing these issues.

Lower fuel costs and less time on the road mean less money spent from the year’s vacation fund. Less time away from work means there could still be vacation days left to access later on in the year. Most RVers find that when they indulge in short, intense trips in their used travel trailer or RV, they are able to see more and do more not only on the trip at hand, but throughout the year as they are able to schedule multiple short trips to different destinations and areas rather than one long trip to one area.

It’s similar to the exercise philosophy many embrace that intentionally cuts back the time spent at the gym while increasing the intensity of the exercise being performed. The theory is that when gym rats indulge in short, intense workout periods broken up by recovery periods during which they catch their breath and allow their body to recuperate momentarily, they can burn just as many calories as they can when spending a much longer period of time exercising at a more moderate rate. It makes sense. In the world of exercise, there’s science to back up the theory. In the world of RVing, there’s experience to back up the theory.

When asked, RVers who have altered their RVing habits are happy with the results. They feel that they enjoy their RV more because they aren’t staying so long that they get tired of being on the road. They find that they are more excited about upcoming trips and departures. Many RVers mention the money savings that come with the short, intense trips, but just as many are talking about the fact that they are getting a lot of “fun” in a short amount of time.

This RVing trend is most likely just another sign of the times. It seems that more and more people are altering their habits in ways that allow them to do more in less time in every aspect of their life. Apparently that also includes vacationing. People are people whether they are at work or indulging in “free time” and there seems to be few exceptions. This new traveling trend isn’t exclusive to any one group. It can benefit a wide range of RVers and potential RVers: business professionals looking to minimize time away from the office, families or individuals with limited vacation resources and limited paid time off work, and even the lifelong traveler who feels there can’t possibly be enough time in one lifetime to see everything there is to see in the world. We’re all upping the intensity and making the most of all we have.

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