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What is a Diesel Pusher?

What is it about a recreational vehicle that would make someone refer to it as a Diesel Pusher? While the diesel pusher is not an official piece of RV industry terminology, it has become surprisingly popular. Many attempt to use it to refer to recreational vehicles in a derogatory manner, but their attempts typically fail. Those listening are either well aware that all RVs do NOT run on diesel or that they far prefer the extra “push” that comes with a bit of diesel when they’re on the road.

In other words, those that prefer diesel simply prefer diesel. They are very rarely talked out of the preference. Others simply don’t prefer diesel.

Some advantages of diesel RVs you may not know:

  1. A diesel pusher will burn less fuel than a comparable non-diesel RV performing similar “work.”
  2. The life of your diesel engine is generally twice as long as the run of the mill petrol engine.
  3. Diesel engines can run on biodiesel (a easily synthesized, non-petroleum-based fuel)
  4. Diesel fuel is considered by many to be safer. It does not explode and does not release a large amount of flammable vapor.
  5. Diesel engines generate less waste heat in cooling and exhaust.

These are just a few of the advantages of a diesel engine. More and more are deciding to check out the possibilities offered by the diesel engine especially those in larger RVs.

Have you been pulled over to the “diesel” side? If not, you should check back. There will definitely be a lot of comments from diesel engine loving RVers to continue to talk you into it or leave your own comment on why you don’t non-diesel recreational vehicles. They can’t all be diesel pushers!

The history of the diesel engine is long and interesting. It definitely didn’t start with the recreational vehicle, but many do believe that the RV is a perfect application of the diesel engine, thus the popularity of the term diesel pusher. The advantages of diesel aside, everyone has their own preferences. And opinions on the matter will continue to vary from RVer to RVer so feel free to do some research, conduct some test drives and make your own informed decision. Whatever you decide, you’ll eventually end up out on the open road and as a lover of the RV that’s exactly where you were meant to be. 

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