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Pedata is always helping those who are looking for used RVs for sale, but they are also helping out by looking after the RV and camping community, making sure to issue warnings and helpful tips when they come along. This summer there are areas of the country that have been plagued by wildfires, both destructive and deadly. If you are going to be camping in remote areas during the dry season, or anytime for that matter, pay particular attention to your surroundings.

Wildfires are common during the dry time of the year, and the vegetation becomes like tinder, easily burning to the ground. Once started, these fires seem to take on a life of their own, moving in different directions, sometimes furious and fast enough to cover over 40 miles in a day. They are destructive, and will consume anything in their path, whether natural or man-made. This includes tents and motorhomes.

In a recent sad turn of events, 19 Arizona firefighters lost their lives to a wildfire that surrounded them and moved in. These men were highly trained professional firefighters who regularly stepped into the paths of these destructive blazes to ensure the safety of all of us. If the flames overtook these pros, certainly any of us could fall victim to a wildfire while camping.

RV campers have a greater chance of staying safe during wildfire season if they remain vigilant and heed close attention to what’s going on around them. They should know what steps to take in the event of a fire situation. Pedata has developed a list of items they should carry and some hints to help them stay safe:

  • Don’t be the cause of a wildfire. Remember that it doesn’t take much to ignite dry grass or timber.
  • As a safety precaution, back your RV into the camping spot so that in the event of an evacuation you don’t have to back out.
  •  If you see any smoke or flames rising from the wilderness, report it immediately. The sooner officials can reach the blaze, the better the chances of bringing it under control.
  •  Always keep your cell phone or any communication device fully charged so that you can both send and receive pertinent information in the event of an emergency.
  • If you learn of a fire in the area, immediately tune to NOAA Weather Radio or listen to local television or radio broadcasts to obtain instructions on what action to take and which roads you can use to evacuate the area.
  •  If you receive instructions to evacuate the area, or if you feel you are in danger, leave immediately and take the roads recommended by authorities. Any shortcuts you may know of may not be safe and could lead you directly into harm’s way.
  • If the fire is nearby, don’t worry about packing up all of your gear; it’s not worth your life. Just take the essentials, including your emergency preparedness kit, and get out.
  • Wind can shift, and fire can jump from one area to another from blowing embers, and you can become surrounded. Time is of the essence.
  • Drive with caution and avoid making poor decisions about going around people; the last thing you want is to become stranded or have a collision during this time.
  • Smoke can be just as harmful to humans as the flames. If you encounter smoke, keep your windows rolled up and your air conditioner on the re-circulate mode to keep from drawing the polluted air into your RV or car.

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