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Consider Used RVs for Sale: An Affordable Retirement Travel Solution

For some people, dreams of retirement include working in the garden or pursuing a hobby or simply having more time to spend at home. For others, retirement means they are finally free to travel whenever they want for as long as they want. This could mean a cruise around the world or an RV camping trip to the nearest National Park. Regardless of the type of travel that is desired, everyone agrees it is good to save on expenses. For those who want to enjoy the countryside, used RVs for sale are a great opportunity to get a good deal and save on other travel expenses such as hotels and restaurants.

Retirees who are longing for the open road may wish for a little more luxury than setting up a tent by the roadside each night and building a cooking fire. In all honesty, this isn’t as safe as people used to believe and in many areas, it’s not legal. Used RVs for sale can make life a lot easier on the road.

The best part about traveling in an RV is the feeling of being at home. It is packed with all the personal essentials that make life enjoyable including home cooked meals and the same bed every night. Retirees can look for used RVs for sale to get an idea of what would suit them. Along with the travel costs being reduced without hotel rooms and restaurant meals, RVs give a genuine feeling of independence. Even if they are visiting their grandchildren, retirees will be able to stay in their own place. If they feel like staying for a week in Las Vegas before heading to the Grand Canyon, there is no problem.

Owning an RV can cost almost as much as maintaining a primary residence. There are many things to consider before making such a large purchase. However, finding used RVs for sale, and being able to look at the size, amenities and necessary maintenance/upkeep can go a long way towards reducing the overall expense of RV ownership.

Used RVs for sale are the best way to afford the RVing lifestyle. They can be purchased for half the original price and many are in excellent condition. Some of the newer used RVs have good gas mileage by recreational vehicle standards. They are small enough not to be a storage problem and can be used as a second car if the occasion arises.

To get the most out of an investment in an RV, it is better to use it for long trips. Some camping sites with full hook-ups, recreation facilities, shops and restaurants can be expensive, and for a short trip, the savings from a hotel room isn’t much, especially when depreciation and fuel cost are taken into account.

For those interested solely in the cost of travel and pinpointing the cheapest way to travel by RV consider the length of the trip in combination with the size of the RV. The cost of traveling in a small RV becomes a savings with a trip of about 250 miles. On trips less than 250 miles, it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants. Any trip longer than 250 miles would take so much more fuel that it would take away the savings. The cost of traveling in a large RV could be as much as 10 times more than a small RV. For convenient travel that costs less than other types of vacations, retirees should find small RVs available for purchase at fair, used prices.

Additionally, save by considering these tips for economizing when traveling in an RV:

  1. Camping fees in a fully loaded campground can be as much as $40 per night. Save money by staying in one RV campground for several nights. Weekly and monthly rates are usually cheaper.
  2.  State and national parks also offer cheaper campgrounds.
  3. The cheapest travel is to have no hook-ups, use the battery and have no amenities. This is often called boondocking. Careful trip planning can also allow RVers to take advantage of free overnight parking in designated areas (Walmarts, etc.) on the way to their destination.

Living in a small RV will take some getting used to, but when traveling, the point is to spend the day out of the RV experiencing the sites. Be organized. Remember that you will have cooking and cleaning to do, but the space is compact so the work isn’t as overwhelming as many expect.

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