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The RV Traveler: Phoenix, Arizona


RVing is becoming more and more popular. Some very firmly insist it’s because it is the only way to maximize a limited vacation budget. Others argue that RVing provides the most versatile means of travel. Then there are those who insist that the RV is the only way to enjoy spontaneous travel while avoiding logistical issues like the lack of reservations for accommodations and last minute airfare hikes. Some simply respond to the discussion by saying the recreational vehicle is the best way to spend quality time with loved ones on a regular basis.

Many will attempt to weigh the options, consider the facts, compare RV owners and RV trips and opinions on the RVing lifestyle, but today, no one is here to prove anyone right or wrong, but simply to agree with all of the above. The RV lifestyle is so right for so many people because it is accommodating of so many different needs. Stop worrying about why the RV is the right answer and enjoy the fact that it is the right answer. RVers should stop worrying about why they love the RV lifestyle and start planning their upcoming trips.  

One popular RVing destination is Phoenix, Arizona. RVers who aren’t sure of the draw that brings so many to the area should consider this sample itinerary from a trip made to Phoenix on Valentine’s Day weekend 2012:

Chosen Campground: Desert Sands RV Park, 22036 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

The Itinerary:

Friday –

Local museum tour of downtown Phoenix: The Arizona Science Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, and Heritage Square.

Lunch: The Welcome Diner. The food was amazing and the diner was simply “cool.” First timers must try the Blue Sky Soda over ice cream.

Dinner: The Roosevelt – the perfect place to go at the end of a long and wonderful, but exhausting day of touring multiple museums. This unique eatery is located in a reconfigured house where diners seem to feel completely at home. One of the many must-haves at The Roosevelt is grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

Saturday –

Breakfast: The many dining choices of downtown Phoenix brought us back to the area for breakfast at Palatte. RVers with the chance to visit this particular dining destination will find that the vacation seems to start when you walk in the door. Must-haves include: buttermilk griddlecakes and apple fritter French toast.

After breakfast, the local light rail system provided convenient transportation to The Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park where the Language of Flowers Valentine’s Weekend Flower Show was in full swing. (This special exhibit focused on the ancient meaning of flowers as well as the meaning when given in a bouquet with other flowers. It also featured chocolates and candy from a local baker/candy-maker as well as jewelry from a local artisan). It was the perfect nod to the upcoming Valentine’s holiday while still spending time enjoying the local hot spots and regional flair of Phoenix. After spending the morning in the beauty of the botanical gardens, it was time to experience downtown Scottsdale. Scottsdale was full of local art, exhibits, and unique shopping.

Lunch: Stax – this local eatery was fun and interesting. It’s recommended that sweet potato fries and corn off the cob be paired with an Ostrich or Moroccan Lamb Slider.

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent at the Arizona Best Fest at the State Capitol Museum. In preparation for Arizona’s official birthday on Feb. 14th as well as 100 years of statehood, the Arizona Centennial Commission created an event encompassing historic exhibits, hands on activities, musical performances, fireworks and more.

Sunday –

Feeling that the past two days had offered a fairly good general overview of the local hotspots and culture, it was time to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. The extensive number of recreational activities available in the surrounding areas has been a major factor in making Phoenix the travel destination that it is today. Mountain biking was the activity of choice for the day and the Pemberton Trail in the McDowell Mountains provided us with the perfect trail complete with gorgeous scenery of the desert foothills. The 15.4-mile loop would be easily enjoyed by any biker, novice to expert. Landmarks to watch for while enjoying this trail include: the fountain of Fountain Hills and the silhouette of Weaver’s Needle in the Superstition Wilderness. After spending the morning biking, lunch was a relaxing affair back at the RV. After lunch, Tempe Town Lake offered the chance for some more relaxed outdoor recreation with kayak lessons and paddleboats.

The weekend was packed full of sights, activities and local hot spots. The Phoenix area is confirmed as an easy place to enjoy a spontaneous trip, but shows definite promise for an extended stay vacation. There’s still much more to see and do in this popular RV hotspot. 

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