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RVing Tips for the New Year: How to Get Organized on the Road in 2012, Part 2


If you read part one in the RVing Tips for the New Year series you probably already feel more organized, but you haven’t quite succeeded in accomplishing this New Year’s resolution just yet.

 Assuming that you’ve following through on the first three tips, you have already accomplished a lot including:

 Pulling items out of the RV that are specific to certain trips; on most trips they are just taking up much needed space.

 Making packing lists for common destinations and “types” of trips that you take frequently.

 Re-evaluating your year round RV storage.

 This is a great start, but you haven’t yet reached the end of the road for your New Year’s 2012 resolution to get the recreational vehicle more organized.

 More Tips for Getting Organized on the Road in 2012:

Don’t get stuck in a packing rut. Spend some time figuring out the best way to pack your year round items in the RV storage space. Maximizing the room you have by carefully considering the permanent items makes a difference. Simply rearranging can often drastically increase the effectiveness of basic RV storage.

2.     Take full advantage of available tools that are particularly suitable for RV life. For instance, if your family is accustomed to watching movies frequently you could consider making it a common RVing activity with an external hard drive for storage of digital copies of the family’s favorites. Many external hard drives are small enough to carry easily in one hand, making them an easy addition to any trip. Many RVers often find themselves relying on the common smart phone. If you haven’t yet, you should consider the benefits of various applications: mapping, entertainment and dining out locating and review, finding the cheapest or nearest gas, routing your trip and more. The list of applications that offer potential benefits to RVers is almost endless. Look into it and find a few that are going to make life easier and more organized for you in 2012.

 There’s a reason that “Getting organized” is a universally popular and repetitive New Year’s resolution. It actually does make life better and more enjoyable. So it just follows logically that if RVing is a part of your life, getting it organized will only increase the fun you’ll have on your favorite trips. Getting your motorhome organized and following through on the tips we’re discussing will make your RV a more comfortable place.

 In Part 3 of the RVing Tips for the New Year series we’ll wrap this up so you can go ahead and mark it off your list of New Year’s resolutions. 

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