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RV Destinations: Experience the Many Flavors of Arizona

The southwestern state of Arizona in the United States has many natural attractions. Residents and visitors to the state should take time to appreciate the wonders waiting to be discovered. One excellent way to tour is by recreational vehicle or RV. They offer the unique advantage of both transportation and lodging at the same time. You can even cook in the RV instead of eating out constantly while on vacation.

Some of the best RV road trips can be found in Arizona. Consider these recommended Arizona RV destinations for your next vacation.

Antelope Canyon: Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land. This slot canyon is often visited by hikers and nature photographers. A slot canyon is a narrow crevice that was made by powerful, rushing water forcing its way through rock and creating a pathway. The canyon’s visitors provide tourism trade for the local Navajo people. Although some photographs taken in the canyon are stunning, taking pictures is difficult because of the overhead lighting in the canyon. Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument: This monument is one of several places in the country with protected and preserved ruins of ancient Native American dwellings. These parklands and canyon lands were officially designated in 1931 to be protected by the National Park Service. The monument includes fascinating dwellings built into rock cliffs in a rugged and picturesque canyon as well as scenic drives and hiking trails.

Chiricahua National Park: Filled with an amazing number of rocks and rock formations, Chiricahua National Park has picnic tables and hiking trails where visitors can get up close to these huge intriguing stone shapes. Dogs and other pets are welcome as long as they remain on a leash. A drive takes visitors 8 miles passing interesting scenes and overlooking the incredible Massai Point. At the visitors center is a short movie that tells about the park and the area’s history. The park is in the Chiricahua Mountains just less than 40 miles off Interstate 10.

The Grand Canyon: One of the best RV destinations in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. This vast canyon has the Colorado River running through it. Within the canyon are many rock formations made by flowing and forceful water. Trails lead around the rim on the south and the north ends of the canyon. Pathways also take hikers down into the canyon. People can choose drives and panoramic lookouts as well as various hiking trips to enjoy this monolithic natural wonder.

Meteor Crater: Created by the mighty impact of a meteor landing, this crater is called the Barringer Crater. The pit rim measures about 4,000 feet and the depth is about 570 feet. People can visit the site near Winslow, Arizona and east from Flagstaff about 35 miles. The crater is not far from Interstate 40. Besides day trips, the site has an RV park where visitors can park overnight when reservations have been made.

San Pedro House: Near San Pedro River on Highway 90 not far from Sierra Vista, San Pedro House is where hummingbirds are banded at certain times of the year. Workshops on birds, wildflowers and butterflies are also held at the house . From the house, trails lead through the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.

The Sonoran Desert: This North American desert covers territory in Arizona, California, Mexico and Baja California. Tucson, Arizona is in the Sonoran Desert, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is established in Tucson. This museum is a living museum, garden and zoo. An amazing place to visit and learn about local desert animals and plants, the museum has a short trail over about 20 of the 100 acres reserved for protection by the facility. Visitors can get close to rare and endangered animals as well as unusual plants. A gift store, cafe with outdoor seating and scenic views, and animal shows are some of the other features of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

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