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Pedata RV Center Releases 4 Tips for Quick RV Trips

Pedata RV Center releases 4 tips for quick RV trips. One way in which consumers are saving money during the recession is to take quick, regional trips rather than extended vacations to exotic destinations. Pedata RV Center sees more and more interest in RVs that make quick trips more plausible and more enjoyable.

4 Tips for Quick RV Trips:

1. Pack Light: When you’re done packing pull look back in your bag and pull out at least 4 items. Are you really going to blow dry your hair? Are you going to need that extra pair of shoes? What about the extra 3 camping chairs?

2. Keep in Touch: Keep contact information handy for the group you are traveling with as well as those “back home” that may need to be contacted in case of emergency for anyone traveling in your party. Consider cell phone accessibility when splitting up for whatever reason during the vacation. Make sure there is one individual with a cell phone in each smaller group within the group so no one is without means of communication.

3. Know Your Wait Times: If you are leaving the country then call ahead and see if you are able to get an approximate “wait time” at the border. You may be able to take a different route or plan to make a scheduled stop nearby the border to approach it at a time that may be less busy.

4. Purchase travel insurance: Many assume that during the current “tighter” economic times that insurance would be something many would avoid spending money on while on vacation, but it’s even more important to many travelers now that they would be more financially strapped were an emergency situation to occur while they were on vacation. For this reason it is a good bet for many to purchase the travelers insurance.

Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said, “Vacationers don’t have to stick strictly to the ‘staycation’ in order to save money vacationing. Decreasing the number of days spent on vacation and keeping it regional can cut back drastically on the overall cost of the trip.”

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