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Safe Motorhomes: Driving 101

RV industry experts acknowledge that many prospective RV buyers are unsure of their ability to safely maneuver large recreational vehicles on the road. At the same time they are also aware that driving motorhomes safely is a feat any licensed driver can easily accomplish. The trick is confidence. For most, that confidence can be obtained simply by brushing up on the basics. Safe RV driving tips will remind most recreational vehicle owners of their days in driver’s education class.

Pedata RV Center Recommends the Basics for RV Driving Safety:

  • Follow Posted Traffic Laws
  • Drive “Gently”
  • Avoid the Excessive: Idling and Packing
  • Plan for Safety
  • Take Care of Your Recreational Vehicle

Obey all the traffic laws.They are posted for a reason. Drivers who have questions about posted traffic laws should save their concerns for discussions with a legal professional when they are off the road. While on the road, RVers should follow the laws of the road for their own safety as well as for the safety of other drivers. For instance, following all posted speed limits drastically decreases potential gas bills (gas mileage decreases when speeds exceed 55 mph). It also decreases the potential for injury if an accident does occur on the road. When a vehicle is speeding, the potential for injury in the event of an accident increases noticeably. RVers who “drive gently” experience similar benefits. Driving gently refers to the avoidance of sudden acceleration as well as the combination of sudden acceleration and abrupt stops. This type of steady driving results in a decrease in the probability of injuries associated with accidents on the road and offers the additional benefit of better gas mileage.

Another basic tip is to avoid excesses. Excessive idling is unnecessary in almost every instance and should be avoided. It is a waste of fuel and results in unnecessary wear on the engine. Many RVers are also unaware of the result of driving vehicles with excessive weight added to the frame. RVs are designed to accommodate additional weight due to their overall purpose of travel and leisure, but owners should be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations related to weight limitations. Excessive weight can also decrease the vehicle’s ability to provide optimum gas mileage and maneuverability on the road. This can be dangerous when accurately maneuvering the RV could avoid collisions, etc.

Plan for safety. Proper planning of trips allows travelers to plan around high traffic or dangerous roads/highways. Many travelers opt for one of two basic philosophies when traveling: the scenic route or the fastest route. This can work, but it’s even better to be more specific. Considering the time of day, the date of travel, any local construction, etc. can make a big difference when choosing the best and safest route.

Lastly, if you want your recreational vehicle to treat you right, you have to treat your recreational vehicle right. It’s only fair. Take care of your RV. Keep the engine tuned up. Follow the recommended service schedule. (These are usually listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual). Owners who don’t have access to their owner’s manual should be able to access the information online. Checking tires regularly is another basic aspect of maintenance that many RVers should move up on their list of priorities. Correct levels of inflation will maximize fuel efficiency, but even more important, proper inflation means avoiding blowouts that carry a significant potential for danger. Following the basic service guidelines will help drivers avoid problems on the road that can be both pricey and dangerous.

Pedata RV Center provides access to the highest quality used RVs at the lowest prices. With wholesale pricing offered directly to the public, there’s never been a more affordable option for RV ownership. Take your RV out on the road, but take it out safely by remembering the basics.

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