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Don’t be the Cause of a Wildfire

Wildfires are a serious and very real concern for campers around the nation during the summer travel season. RVers tend to spend a lot of time in the exact types of areas that are most vulnerable to becoming a wildfire zone; so all precautions must be taken to prevent any mishap with fire during your camping experience. Be sure that you are not the cause of a destructive, out of control blaze.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is one of the reasons those traveling in recreational vehicles head towards the remote, quiet areas. It is a real stress reliever to get away to these spots, and to hear nothing but the calming sounds of nature. It is very important, however, to remember that it is in these remote areas that the foliage becomes drier than normal, and can be extremely vulnerable to combustion if exposed to fire of any kind.

There are many names for wildfires. Some refer to them as brushfires, wild land fire, forest fires, etc. Whatever they are referred to, they can be swift and deadly if they overtake any living creature. Depending on the environmental conditions and wind speed, these fires can travel up to forty miles in a single day, leaving destruction in their paths. The trees and greenery burn as though they were made of cardboard, and it is not just nature that becomes susceptible to danger; the fire will consume anything in its path, including houses, tents and motorhomes.

One of the natural causes of wildfires is lightning. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this type of fire. However, most of the time it is man that causes the fires through sheer carelessness. In fact, four out of five wildfires in this country are human-caused.

Something as simple as the careless flip of a cigarette butt or a campfire that is left unattended can result in devastating consequences.

Here are a few tips for campers to keep in mind as they wander into the remote regions of our nation:

  • Keep fire-fighting tools with you, such as fire extinguishers, buckets, shovels, a hose (if there is a water supply), etc.
  • If you are boondocking or dry camping near a lake or river, keep a bucket of water handy, especially if you have a campfire going.
  • Keep all flammable liquids and materials away from your motorhome, vehicle or tent, just in case a fire does break out.
  • Make sure that all campfires and barbeque pits are completely doused before retiring for the night, making certain that there are no smoldering or burning embers left. If possible, cover the fire site as an added precaution.
  • Keep in mind that a pair of eyeglasses left in the sun can act as a magnifying glass and start flammable items burning.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of the hands of children. Although it is intriguing to them, keep them from playing with any open flame.
  • Be sure to use an ashtray or a bucket of sand to extinguish any cigarette butts; do not ever discard them out in the open.

RV fire safety must be taken seriously. Summer is a beautiful time to travel in your recreational vehicle. However, it’s imperative to keep abreast of any wildfires that may be burning within close proximity to your intended destination. Don’t hesitate to change your plans if there is any chance of getting caught in a fire situation. It’s also imperative that you exercise proper fire prevention for your own safety, and the safety of others as well.

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