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Arizona RV Travel: Used Motorhomes for Sale Can Bring Travelers to Quirky Hot Spots


When it comes to traveling, one of the favorite modes of travel is the recreational vehicle. Most consumers new to the RV life enter the fold by discovering one of the used motorhomes for sale that suits them. They might be pulled towards one because they see the price posted on the front window and realize just how affordable purchasing an RV can be. It could be that they decide the RV lifestyle might suit them when someone close to them becomes involved and shares tales from the road. Sometimes it’s simply the need for a change that leads people to search out something new and exciting.

Once a traveler decides to make one of the used motorhomes for sale their own, they tend to alter their perception of the words travel and vacation. Traveling becomes more accessible. People who previously found it difficult to come up with a viable vacation plan suddenly have a million and one things on their “places to see someday” list. It doesn’t take new RVers long to discover their “new” used motorhomes for sale can bring them to a whole host of interesting and spontaneous travel destinations; some of which they never even dreamed about visiting until having an RV on hand. Having an affordable and convenient mode of travel at the family’s beck and call is going to result in more frequent travel in almost every situation.

Owning an RV can bring travelers to a lot of different destinations. RVers will find that they suddenly discover outdoor hotspots in their area that they never knew to visit before they owned an RV. New RVers will discover that visiting festivals in their region is suddenly more fun and convenient. RV owners enjoy a drastic increase in the accessibility of many popular outdoor recreational activities. RVers also see an increase in their cultural opportunities as they travel to various national monuments and museums. In some cases, RVers can even get specific and aim for the strange, the weird and the quirky.

For instance, purchase a used motorhome for sale and it could take you to a variety of quirky hot spots. Pick an area and search out the fun and fabulous, the weird and zany and make it into a road trip that will never be forgotten.  This can be accomplished in any state, but for argument’s sake, consider the options in Arizona. Some will question whether or not quirky Arizona museums and attractions is enough of a foundation to result in an interesting, fun road trip. In reality, it will be a lot easier than most travelers expect.

Consider these Quirky Arizona Attractions:

1. World’s Largest Sundial in Carefree, Arizona

2.     World’s Largest Kachina Doll in Carefree, Arizona

3.     The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona

4.     World’s Tallest Fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona

5.     Four Corners  – where four states meet (Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico)

6.     Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, Arizona

7.     World’s Largest Petrified Tree in Holbrook, Arizona

8.     Dinosaur Footprints in Moenavi, Arizona

9.     Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

10. The Hall of Flame in Phoenix, Arizona

11. Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona

12. Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona

13. World’s Largest Rosebush in Tombstone, Arizona

14. OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona

15. Colossal Cave in Tucson, Arizona

16. Bridge to Nowhere in Yuma, Arizona

17. Bedrock City in Valle, Arizona

18. The Haunted Red Garter Bed & Bakery in Williams, Arizona

19. The Haunted Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona

20. Snoopy Rock Natural Rock Formations near Wikieup, Arizona

Apparently, planning a quirky Arizona trip would be easy even for the most detail oriented RVer. This list is long and it’s intense and it’s quirky, but most importantly, it’s incomplete. That means that RVers looking for the strange and different are not going to have trouble finding it. Everyone loves a good art museum and national monuments will definitely make the top of many travelers’ lists, but sometimes it’s time to get a little weird.



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