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Tools for the Fifth Wheel Trailer: Computers on the Road


The fifth wheel is one of the most popular types of RVs on the road. It is prized for its spacious floor designs aided by the slide outs that have become common in recent years. Many RVers find that they can maximize their comfort as well as their ability to “vacation” on the road through its unique features. Many recreational vehicle owners ensure this is the case by identifying the accessories and tools that will maximize their RVing experience. 


One of the most obviously helpful tools for the fifth wheel trailer is the computer. For some, the computer is a necessity. RVers often work on the road; particularly full time RVers. The most popular occupations that allow for this type of freedom often depend upon the computer both for the completion of the work itself and for the submission of completed work to the employer through email or online access points. Those who depend on their computer for work while RVing present an obvious reason for the computer in the fifth wheel trailer, but what about RVers who aren’t necessarily going to incorporate any “work” into their time on the road? Is the computer still a necessary addition? A useful tool?


A high percentage of RVers who don’t “work from the road” still find that the computer is an absolute necessity for two reasons: communication and entertainment. 


Computers of today provide easy access to a wide array of communication options. These easy and extremely affordable options for communication with loved ones are particularly appropriate for those who are on long road trips. They provide the opportunity to easily convey both written communications as well as photos of the trip, etc. to anyone with access to the Internet. For RVers, accessing the Internet is becoming easier as more campgrounds and popular hot spots offer free Wi-Fi. Some RVers even provide themselves with an Internet access solution through their cell phone provider. 


Entertainment options are almost endless when the computer is a standard addition to the fifth wheel trailer. The most common uses for the computer as entertainment on the road include: 


  1. The digital movie collection – No more carting around hundreds of movies in crates, boxes or numerous unwieldy DVD books. Instead RV owners are minimizing the space required for their movie collection and simultaneously maximizing their movie choices on the road by keeping their movies in digital storage rather than hard copies to be carted around. The digital storage of movies can be handled in several ways and RVers interested in utilizing this particular tool should discuss viable options with an expert to decide upon those that will best suit their situation. 
  2. Online streaming of TV and video – Many are addicted to the Red Box. It offers the opportunity to rent a DVD from one location and then return it in another, but even more convenient is to be able to rent access to hundreds of movies all at once for one set fee per month. This avoids late fees as well as the need to keep tabs on the whereabouts of Red Box kiosks in the area. There are many choices for online streaming and every RVer will find that they have their own favorite. Some popular choices include: NetFlix, Hulu, etc. 
  3. A new kind of photo storage – The days of 35 mm film and double prints are gone. In today’s photography classes students will learn to take excessive number of photos because they’re digital. It doesn’t waste any product (film) to create a digital image. It’s just as easy to delete it prior to printing, as it is to take the photo in the first place. The problem with this is that many RVers need to store a lot of photos during their travels on the road. Luckily, the numerous photo storage and sharing options available through computers and the Internet solved this problem before it could even get a foothold. Some of the popular photo sharing/storage sites include: Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc. 


There aren’t many RVers who would attempt to argue that the computer isn’t an important tool on the road. New, sleek laptop designs mean that storage is not a problem. Many laptops can be added to the RV storage even after it’s been packed to capacity. They’re that compact. And their ability to maximize efficiency AND entertainment in the fifth wheel trailer means that they aren’t simply appreciated in times of need, but they are often much-loved for the fun they add to the trip.  

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