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Home Schooling in the Fifth Wheel Camper

August has officially become the “back to school” season. Most are setting their summer travels aside and heading home to get grounded again. They’re getting their kids back in their at home routine to prepare for the beginning of another school year. These folks will most likely travel here and there throughout the year, but save the majority of their on the road adventures for summer and other major holiday breaks like Spring Break and Winter Break. Then there are the RVers who aren’t ruled by the school calendar. This unique group of travelers has chosen to home school their children in the fifth wheel camper.

Home schooling in the fifth wheel camper may, at first, sound completely unfeasible, but many have succeeded in creating a successful learning environment on the road. These nomadic home schoolers swear by the increased opportunities for hands on learning and life experience that traveling offers.  For RVers who are considering the possibilities of home schooling their children in their fifth wheel or other recreational vehicle consider tips from the experts.

Home Schooling in the Fifth Wheel Camper Recreational Vehicle – Tips from Experts:

  1. Buy used curriculum. This way you aren’t afraid to switch curriculum mid-year if it isn’t a successful method. Every child will have a different learning curve and every child’s success will, at least partially, depend upon the curriculum being used. If a curriculum isn’t working switch to something new. This is easier if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg and purchasing used will help avoid this problem. Also consider selling curriculums that don’t work to other home schoolers through online outlets. What doesn’t work for one child may be just what another child needs to succeed.
  2. Aim towards well-known, popular curriculums with plenty of good reviews. They have a higher success rate. The curriculums that are less well known are typically still on the fringes for a reason.
  3. Remember that every child is different and that includes different children in the same family. Deciding to home school in your RV may not be easy, but the ability to tailor each child’s education to their needs will often make it worth it. Siblings may require different curriculums in order to reach their maximum potential. Be aware of this fact.
  4. Home schooling means being flexible; even more so when completing home schooling curriculum on the road in your recreational vehicle. Being organized is extremely helpful, but keeping things as open as possible will increase everyone’s chances for success and decrease the potential for meltdowns (whether it be the children or the parent melting down).
  5. Remember who is making the schedule. Customize the home schooling schedule to suit the needs of the family. If it’s helpful to complete the week’s schooling in 4 days instead of 5, then create that schedule. If mornings are better than afternoons, wake up and start immediately. If an exciting trip is coming up on the horizon, schedule an extra day of school each week for a couple weeks to get a head, etc.
  6. Utilize your unique situation. Home schooling in the fifth wheel camper or any old motorhome creates a unique advantage. Access the various educational outlets in each traveled region. Visit museums. Arrange field trips to local historical sites. Regularly expose the children to various elements of art and culture through different venues and performing arts centers.

Again, home schooling in the RV isn’t going to be easy. Home schooling isn’t easy. Actually teaching in the traditional school setting isn’t easy either. It’s often a thankless task that is undervalued and subject to irrational fears. Don’t fear it, but don’t jump in without preparation either. Carefully consider the options and approach it with a steady hand and a well-prepared curriculum.

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