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Fifth Wheels and Popular National Park Destinations

Fifth wheels and National Park destinations are favorites amongst the RVing crowd. As is the case with chocolate and peanut butter, the two simply go together beautifully. They compliment each other and create something unique that most agree is even more likable than each ingredient alone. RVers who haven’t yet dipped their traveling toes in the National Park arena are missing some of the most easily accessible, affordable, and amazing destination locations on the list of RVing hot spots.

Fifth wheels are particularly advantageous for areas where campsites are set up and the RVers spend their days away from the RV enjoying a multitude of recreational opportunities. The following National Parks are especially adaptable to RVers driving fifth wheels and looking for outdoor activities:

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee: Many love this national park for the opportunity to indulge in a love of horseback riding. The guided horseback rides are available from mid-March through late-November. The guided horseback riding sessions last from 45 minutes to several hours. All guided tours are completed at a walking pace and rates start at $30/hour. Hayrides, carriage and wagon rides are also available. About 550 miles of the park’s hiking trails are also open to horses and RVers who wish to bring their own horses can obtain a copy of the park’s trail map indicating which trails allow horses, etc.
  2. Hunting in the Mojave National Preserve in California: This is a popular spot for those looking for Fall hunting of quail, mule deer, bighorn sheep, etc. This National Preserve offers a unique experience supporting what many view as an important American heritage and cultural value. Hunting in this area is permitted in accordance with California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) regulations. RVers wishing to indulge their need to go hunting need only obtain the appropriate hunting license from the state; additional permits and tags may apply.
  3. Bicycling in Yellowstone National Park: Bring your own bike or rent one on site after watching the bicycling orientation video to aid you in planning your expedition through Yellowstone. Bicyclists camping without a vehicle can enjoy a lower fee for campsites, but will want to verify availability prior to starting out for the day. There are multiple routes restricted to bicyclists and hikers that are particularly enjoyable for RVers looking to enjoy the park on a bicycling expedition. These routes can be found in the following areas: Mammoth Area, West Entrance Area, Old Faithful Area, Lake Area and Tower Area. For further details access the detailed maps available from Yellowstone.
  4. Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona: Fifth wheels will prove to be the perfect base camp set up for those who wish to enjoy some of the many gorgeous hikes in the Grand Canyon. Many enjoy the guided hiking and/or camping trips that include educational aspects and are offered by the Grand Canyon Field Institute. The National Park services offer many helpful hints and tips to ensure that the hiking enjoyed by visitors is as safe as it is beautiful. Visitors are highly encouraged to adhere to tips and recommendations as 250 hikers are rescued from the Grand Canyon every year. The Grand Canyon offers the opportunity for: Day Hikes, Overnight Hikes, Summer Hiking, Winter Hiking, Guided Hikes, etc. Hikers will see and experience some of the most magnificent views of natural rock formations in the world.
  5. Kayaking at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska: The fjords are exposed to the Gulf of Alaska with a few protected coves. This particular trip is not for beginning kayakers; inexperienced paddlers are strongly encouraged to travel with a guide. Wind and rainfall can be excessive and swells of three or more feet are typical during summer storms.

National Parks aren’t the only way to for fifth wheels to land right in the middle of some of the most exciting outdoor games and activities, but they are a fabulous options and a great starting point. These natural areas are generally large with a wide range of recreational options. Many have the added benefit of significant historic resources. Fifth wheels and other RVs are expected and almost every National Park has amenities devoted to making the RVer comfortable during their stay.

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