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Wildlife 101: Getting the Kids Out of the Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Many parents go to great lengths to provide their kids with an RV vacation. Some parents place the greatest importance on pulling kids away from all the electronics that seem to invade every aspect of life for today’s youth. The removal from the digital extravaganza is temporary at best so parents should have a plan in place that will help them fill the gap with entertainments and activities of their choosing. In the world of RVs, the choice is obvious. Loading the family up in the fifth wheel toy hauler offers access to the great outdoors along with the space and amenities necessary for a comfortable night sleep when the day is done.

Some feel that once they have the family loaded up in the fifth wheel toy hauler with their bags packed and the tank full of gas…their job is done. This might work, but in at least some cases, this will leave the vacation filled with dissatisfaction, contention and a definite lack of gratitude. Instead of pulling the family away from the electronics they depend so heavily on and congratulating yourself as things start to unravel, RVers should instead make an effort to introduce the rudimentary methods of enjoying the outdoors. Children (and even some adults) aren’t aware of the possibilities offered by the great outdoors. Get the kids out of the fifth wheel toy hauler, but don’t forget Wildlife 101.

Wildlife 101:

  1. Help Kids Prepare: It sounds obvious, but children who haven’t spent a lot of time in the outdoors may not know why they shouldn’t wear flip flops hiking or shorts through a desert area with a lot of thorny undergrowth. To make getting the kids out of the fifth wheel toyhauler a pleasant experience, more experienced individuals in the party should get a little bossy. Make sure that everyone is wearing appropriate (and comfortable) clothing for the season, region and activity.
  2. Start With the Basics: A good place is hiking. Participation simply requires walking. There’s no unwieldy or unfamiliar equipment to figure out and there’s no win or lose aspect that could leave them with a bad taste for the outdoors after only one short trip out and about.
  3. Make it Fun: Parents who pull their kids away from their comfortable, easy environment, leave the electronics at home, pull out of the driveway in the fifth wheel toy hauler and then push the kids towards the door and tell them to have fun shouldn’t be surprised when the kids are bored senseless. It’s like anything else; kids often need to be taught how to have fun in nature if they haven’t grown up in the midst of it.

Many adults find themselves questioning the importance of introducing their kids to the Great Outdoors and all the wildlife out there at this point. The effort required to make the “introduction” a success seems a bit over the top for a tired adult that has been looking forward to a vacation filled with relaxation and freedom. But making the outdoors fun can be simple and easy. Point interesting things out along the trail when hiking. Call a “sit and listen” circle periodically requiring all participants to sit silently until the sounds of the forest, beach, prairie, etc. come back to life around the group. Write down 5 common items found in nature and pass the list out for a scavenger hunt. Make searching for firewood a contest with the winner getting to tell the first spooky story around the campfire when the sun goes down. Wildlife 101 isn’t just about getting the kids introduced to nature. It’s about getting the adults back “in” nature, too. Get out of the fifth wheel toy hauler and see what’s out there.

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