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Maximize the Fun in the Class C RV

Traveling has long been viewed as a solution to the stress, frustration, discontent and dissatisfaction that can set in when we hold too tightly to our day-to-day routines and negligible responsibilities. Modern society has created a situation in which most don’t feel free to indulge in activities of their own choosing. Even on vacation many feel the time crunch and wonder if they might have been better off not planning a trip at all.

When you travel by Class C RV travel can actually become the solution we’ve all dreamed of in the past. The Class C RV provides adventure with the security of a “home on the road.” It offers escape without the price tag that comes with flights and hotels in exotic locales. It provides time away without the schedules and departure times that so often leave travelers feeling more harassed than when they’re on the job. Many have already discovered the joy of traveling (and even living full time) in the Class C RV.

Those who choose to utilize the Class C RV for vacation come from all walks of life. Some are single, some are spending quality “alone” time with their significant other, some are bonding as a family with young kids, etc. The stereotype of the “RVer” as a retired older couple traveling leisurely from town to town visiting sights as well as children they haven’t seen in a while is no longer anywhere near accurate. More and more families are turning to the RV for vacations full of adventure, fun, family bonding time, and more…all with a lower price tag than the average stress filled family vacation by plane to the nearest amusement park. Singles and young couples are now just as likely to travel in an RV as families or retired couples/individuals. Expand your horizon and save time at the same time by traveling by recreational vehicle on your next vacation or road trip.

Some might worry about traveling with the kids. Road trips with kids are on the list of things people usually don’t want to have anything to do with unless there is simply no other choice. Road trips with kids in the RV, on the other hand, are an entirely different scenario. Consider the facts before pulling out onto the nearest highway so you’re prepared for what’s coming at you. You’ll not only be able to say that you actually truly enjoyed a “road trip with kids,” but you’ll wonder how you ever vacationed with them before you tried RVing. It offers all sorts of additional opportunities to keep them entertained. They don’t have to feel contained/restrained anymore because they aren’t stuck in the car. They are traveling by RV now. It’s a home on the road.

Those who are considering a life of full time RVing have the additional need to streamline their lives in addition to their available RV storage. Understand that full time RVing requires sacrifices. One of these sacrifices is that the RV is no place for a packrat. There’s simply not enough space to keep items around that aren’t essential or extremely important to the RVer at hand. Purge yourself of unnecessary “things.” Most find this is one of the most freeing aspects of embracing the RV lifestyle.

Experts recommend that individuals or families; especially families with children should consider adopting a full time RV lifestyle piece by piece. Individuals seriously considering this should consider creating trial homeschooling activities for their children. See how the kids acclimate to the new learning/living environment before jumping in to full time RVing feet first.

Benefit from establishing an income stream before you begin your RV living. Create a business that does not require day-to-day management or that can be administered from the road. In addition, pursue career opportunities that enable you to work remotely to provide you with the freedom to travel.

Moreover, prepare you family for the social challenges of moving to and from various locations. Develop social outlets with other RV families and communities. Know that you are not alone in your wanderlust and thirst for adventure. Participate in events and activities that bring families together in community settings for fellowship and to share their experiences and insight. At the same time, don’t lose touch with loved ones “back home.” Create strategies to communicate with friends and family that will no longer be “down the street” or “in your kids’ classes.”

Explore a mode of travel and living that promises great adventure and wonderful moments. Become closer with your family as you wander into distant lands and new places. Get to know your kids again by removing most of the distractions that insert distance into modern families. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with kids on your first RV vacation or considering escaping the rat race through full time RVing; the recreational vehicle is a great option.

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