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Class A RV

Class A RV owners often have it very together. They sometimes enjoy planning the trip almost as much as making it work on the road. Some Class A RV owners even secretly love the routine called packing. But every RVer isn’t going to fall into this category. Not all RVers enjoy planning to trip; they simply want to go on a trip. They don’t want to talk about it incessantly for months in advance to make sure that nothing goes wrong. But, at the same time, they do not want to deal with the negative aspects of a trip that hasn’t been planned well. They want to be prepared so that the trip runs smoothly. So what should these RVers do if they love getting out and enjoying their Class A RV, but they don’t enjoy spending hours and hours of their time for days and/or weeks beforehand planning the trip so that it will run smoothly? We recommend taking advantage of trip planning applications that do a lot of the work for you with little hassle. There are so many different applications available that it’s hard to make a hard and fast recommendation for the “best,” but here are some of the most popular applications. Check to make sure they are compatible with your specific phone model before you get too excited: 1. Google Earth is a new classic. It is the basic when it comes to maps and has a lot of different search options that you might find useful while navigating. But it isn’t the most useful when it comes to planning for your upcoming trip. It’s more of a navigational help. 2. Looking for the best places to stop for a nice dinner “out?” Try Yelp. This is an application that offers extensive reviews of different restaurants, etc. And after you’ve found all the info you need, you can join in and become a reviewer in your own right. If you don’t find what you are looking for using Yelp or you just want a second, third or fourth opinion before picking the restaurant you plan on stopping at on you RV trip, try Urbanspoon. Or for last minute dinner plans try to get a reservation at a nearby hot spot using Open Table. 3. If you’re looking for RV Parking and Camping sites in any given area try accessing the database offered by RVParking.com. Camp & RV by Allstays is a great application that will pinpoint helpful locations and services near the highway and/or exits including: Wi-Fi spots, camping locations, rest areas, truck stops, Walmarts, public campgrounds, RV repair and parts stores, and much more. 4. Looking for additional stops en route to a final destination? Try cruising your Class A RV by one of the many, many interesting detour sites that are listed in the database available using Roadside America. You never know…the world’s largest ball of twine just may be on the way to Grandma’s house. 5. Trying to determine where your best stopping points are or attempting to make sure that you will be able to budget your gas and maximize your vacation funds? Access the info you can obtain through GasBag Pro. It offers the ability to find the cheapest gas in the nearby area and also offers a mileage log. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And if you’re willing to dish out a little bit more cash, you can find travel planning apps that will cover the bases from start to finish. Whatever method you decide to use, the point is to get out in your Class A RV and enjoy the ride. Make sure you access all the available tools so that you can enjoy a stress free trip.

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