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Month: August 2012

Used Travel Trailers and the Perfect Small Town

Every road trip has a beginning and every road trip has a final destination. Many of them have a return trip as well. Sometimes even the best laid plans lead to side trips that weren’t planned, changes to the itinerary, or even a complete remapping of the course. Used travel trailers out on the road are veterans at all of the above because they are the consummate road trippers. They have been everywhere, seen everything and done everything. As the driver, the RVer has enjoyed it all.

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Shopping Through Motorhomes for Sale Can Be Exhausting: Throw an RV Party

The process required of new RVers before they can officially become RV owners is simply exhausting. There are so many motorhomes for sale that the process is more confusing and simply frustrating that it needs to be. Experts advise that keeping things simple and having clear priorities before getting started will alleviate the problem, but no matter how prepared a new RVer might be, many are still tired once they’re driving off the lot in their new recreational vehicle.

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Used RV Sales Typically Lead to a Great First Road Trip

For those who have recently succeeded in mastering the used RV sales games and come home with their very own RV, a great first road trip is almost indefinitely in the near future. The first road trip could be the reason for the purchase. Some buy a recreational vehicle because they have a need for it, but for many, the sheer fact that they own a recreational vehicle creates endless possibilities and there isn’t much in the way of concrete plans.

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Used Travel Trailers for Sale and Great RV Campgrounds

When it’s time to purchase another (or the very first) used travel trailers or other recreational vehicles, a lot of time and effort is dedicated to the process. Buyers make sure that they know what they want and how they can get it. Sometimes buyers may even spend weeks or months thinking and reading and perusing available options before they make their move towards any of the available used travel trailers for sale.

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Fall Festival Road Trip in the Class C RV

Some RVers travel all year, and others spend random weekends and vacations on the road. Some RVers utilize their RV for extremely practical purposes as they travel from home to a certain destination like Grandma’s house or “the happiest place on earth.” The RV is a great vacation transition and it absolutely serves its purpose as primary means of transportation and backup lodging. But those who get the most out of their RVs know how to generate an entire trip around being in their Class C RV on the open road for the entire trip. When RVing is approached with this attitude the options become completely endless. Fall festivals are highly recommended for the upcoming season and interested RVers would do well to start planning their road trip now.

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Pedata RV Center Recommends Recreational Vehicle Owners Undergo Preventive Maintenance this Fall

Pedata RV Center recommends that recreational vehicle owners schedule preventive maintenance for their RV this fall. Completing basic preventive maintenance prior to the onset of the colder weather of winter will greatly decrease the chances of surprise repairs and/or breakdowns on the road that can be more dangerous during the winter months. Verify that the […]

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RVs For Sale and Getting Back to School

When perusing all the RVs for sale at the beginning of the summer, RV buyers didn’t consider how they were going to feel parking the recreational vehicle when it was time for the kids to go back to school. Some are completely ready for time downtime at home. They find vacationing exhausting and would rather not ever go anywhere ever again. To these people it’s important to ask one question, “Where did the decision to purchase an RV come from?”

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Make the Most of Used RVs by Hitting Multiple “Parks”

Individuals who have recently purchased “new” used RVs sometimes find themselves scrambling for a foothold from which they can really jump start their life on the road. They want to get off to a great start. They don’t want to hold back. They want to grab life by the horns. The life of an RVer can be extremely exciting and holds great potential for adding zest to an otherwise staid and plodding existence. To avoid getting stuck in the quagmires of planning remember this one simple piece of advice: just do it. Yes, it’s an overused phrase and it’s been heard many, many times by EVERY individual lucky enough to live on the Earth in the past two decades. The reason it’s been such an effective and steadfast tag line for the huge conglomerate we won’t mention by name because they don’t need the additional, free advertising is because it is so very true! There aren’t very many living in today’s wildly busy, ridiculously stressful society that don’t find themselves bogged down by distractions and items that are actually extremely low on their life long “to do” list. Step away from the front lines for just one second, and it’s easy to see just how applicable this statement is. That’s why it rings so true. How do the RVing experts recommend you actually follow through and “just do it?” Multitasking is a great starting point.

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RV Cooking: Quick Dinners for Fifth Wheels

Anyone regularly in charge of providing sustenance for a group or family is constantly on the lookout for new recipes, new snack ideas and new ways to present the same staples they’ve been eating for years. This is an unavoidable kitchen phenomenon. Every chef or amateur cook is going to adopt certain methods and staples, but will eventually want to try something new. When it comes to RV cooking, this can be a little more difficult, but RVers should never let that scare them away from a new recipe or cooking method. Fifth wheels can come with every feature in the traditional kitchen and RVers who find that their fifth wheel is lacking a specific element or that they simply miss an aspect from kitchen’s past…they can always make a change and have their RV’s kitchen space updated to suit their needs. It’s as simple as that.

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Pedata RV Center Releases Tips on Homeschooling and RVing

Pedata RV Center releases tips on homeschooling and RVing. In addition to the regularly scheduled articles for the month of August, Pedata RV Center is focusing on the “back to school” season. While many are adjusting their travel routine to suit the fact that the kids are back in school, more and more are actually […]

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Home Schooling in the Fifth Wheel Camper

August has officially become the “back to school” season. Most are setting their summer travels aside and heading home to get grounded again. They’re getting their kids back in their at home routine to prepare for the beginning of another school year. These folks will most likely travel here and there throughout the year, but save the majority of their on the road adventures for summer and other major holiday breaks like Spring Break and Winter Break. Then there are the RVers who aren’t ruled by the school calendar. This unique group of travelers has chosen to home school their children in the fifth wheel camper.

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