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Month: May 2012

RVer Summer Favorite: The Tortellini Salad

Most RVers find themselves avoiding cooking during the summer months, but since one of the advantages of traveling by RV is the opportunity to prepare home cooked meals this temptation should not necessarily be indulged. Most RVers will find that they regret their own refusal to prepare meals in the RV almost immediately. Instead of avoiding the preparation of meals in the recreational vehicle to avoid heating it up, RVers should veer towards the RVer’s summer favorite: salads.

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RV Travel Photography Tips

Sometimes it is a lot more difficult to explain to friends and loved ones what was so wonderful about a trip in the recreational vehicle than it is to actually plan, execute and enjoy the RV travel. It seems a little backwards since talking is usually so much easier to accomplish than action. For many the entire issue could be solved by simply adopting better habits for RV travel photography. Vacationers don’t have to be professionals in order to get pictures that will accurately represent the sites and activities that they experienced on the latest trip in the recreational vehicle. Following a few basic photography tips can drastically increase the average RVer’s photographic success.

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Cooking and RVing: Summer Desserts the Won’t Heat Up the RV

The majority of travelers spend most of their time in the RV during the summer. In most cases, this is coincidental due to the standard “school” schedule affording the kids a long break during the summer months before they start the next year of their education. Some find this situation regrettable. They fear the increased heat of the summer months and spend a large portion of their vacation time wishing they were traveling in one of the cooler seasons. For those who aren’t doomed to a glass half empty, the summer is actually a great time for RVing. There are far less road hazards. The majority of outdoor recreational activities are in full swing in one region or another. The increased time off means the opportunity to take time to enjoy the journey.

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RVing Tips: Know Your Basic First Aid and Injury Prevention

RVing is a popular mode of travel for many reasons, but one of the most obvious is the recreational vehicle’s ability to provide the traveler with a nearly endless array of outdoor recreational opportunities. RVers can enjoy any outdoor hobby from mountain biking to paragliding to surfing to hiking. In addition to the opportunity to enjoy such pass times, RVers have the option of using their RV to provide them with the means to spend time in less populated areas where enjoying their chosen outdoor hobby can be even more enjoyable due to the decrease in general “traffic.” This doesn’t make RVers anti-social; it simply means they are willing to accept that a popular sporting arena is not always the best place to play. Some would prefer to play the same game or activity in an open field or on a public trail with fewer restrictions and less chance of unavoidable bodily collisions.

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Pedata RV Center Sees an Increased Interest in RVs for Sale from Out of State Buyers

Pedata RV Center has been experiencing an atypical seasonal increase in the out of state interest in RVs for sale. The recreational vehicles available for online perusal and purchase are priced wholesale for public buying, with travel reimbursement programs available for out of state buyers. This, in combination with online access to the full Pedata […]

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California Campgrounds: RVing in the Golden State

It doesn’t take much persuading to convince someone that RVing in the Golden State is a good idea. California has been calling the names of adventurers since before it had a name. The fact that it offers an amazing coastline and a natural beauty known worldwide isn’t overshadowed, but rather complimented, by the major influx of entertainment and travel opportunities that continue to crop up throughout the state in more recent times. The fact of the matter is that California has something to offer every RVer: sumptuous spas, celebrity sightings, beautiful natural vistas, culinary tours, wine-country, beaches, exceptional dining, historic sights, hiking, Hollywood, the Redwoods, Surfing, Skiing, various amusement parks and recreational centers, many National Parks and much more. The list of attractions available in the state of California could go on almost endlessly.

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Used Travel Trailer: Reenergize with Simple Decorating Tips

Many consumers choose to purchase a used travel trailer in order to get the most for their money. Owning a recreational vehicle is widely accepted as a fantastic method of maximizing a limited travel budget. It decreases the costs of accommodations and food drastically when away from home. These budget minded RVers tend to take into account the fact that the used travel trailer will come at a greatly discounted price in comparison to a recreational vehicle brand new from the dealership. The only major complaint heard from some buyers is that they wish they had been able to choose the color schemes and various options for the interior of the vehicle.

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Fifth Wheel Trailers Keep it Simple

Many parents have already made plans for this summer. Some even have detailed itineraries outlining the basic summer agenda so there’s no confusion. Suzy might have dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Billy could have swimming every weekday morning at 7am and Nelson signed up for football and has a month long camp mid-way through the break. Mom and Dad both work and have limited times during which it would be appropriate to take time off work. This sort of summer schedule is becoming more and more common. It’s the reason that it’s also becoming more and more common for families to decide they don’t have time to take a summer vacation. They’re too busy. Keep it simple this summer with one of the popular fifth wheel trailers. Recreational vehicles are a great way to maximize a travel budget and to enjoy quality family time, but for many, the greatest advantage is spontaneity. The getaways don’t have to be weeks long anymore. More often than not, families are indulging in multiple day trips throughout the summer. The RV allows them to do so without wreaking havoc on their finances.

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Tips on Identifying the Right Used Motorhomes For Sale

Individuals considering the purchase of one of the used motorhomes for sale often forget that what will be perfect for their road trip might not be the recommended item for the next RVer. It’s a strange phenomenon. Everyone will agree that people where different size shoes. Everyone knows that some people like tomatoes and some people despise them. The entire universe is aware that there are infinite choices and that everyone doesn’t make the same one. Somehow this awareness of the “self” amongst the “group” is lost when consumers start shopping amongst used motorhomes for sale. They all begin looking for that “one” that is the best option. The only one they all want to buy. They want it to have all the features and amenities that they have been told that they want regardless of whether or not they really understand what their purpose might be. They all want it at a low price. It becomes a strange competition in which there aren’t that many winners.

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Healthy Eating in the Motorhome Class C

Eating while traveling is an issue that many feel has no healthy solution. It can be particularly difficult for those who are on a “road trip” in a motorhome Class C or other popular recreational vehicle. The traditional road trip fare does not meet the basic standards of nutrition. Most associate the RV road trip with fast food, junk food and drive thrus. The truth of the matter is that it’s not the road trip that has a problem. It’s the traveler that’s on the road trip that is choosing to eat unhealthy food items. Luckily for modern road trippers, the recreational vehicle has evolved into the perfect solution.

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Pedata RV Center Offers RVers the Chance to Win with an Online Photo Contest

Pedata RV Center provides RVers with the chance to share their favorite recreational vehicle photos with other RV enthusiasts during the course of a Facebook based photo contest. The contest will run through Spring 2012. RVers are encouraged to share their photos on the Pedata RV Center Facebook page. Any photo shared will make the […]

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