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Month: February 2012

RV For Sale: What Buying a Recreational Vehicle Says About You

Consumers who are looking for an  RV for sale  generally know what they want. They know exactly what they want. It might not be what the RV buyer next to him is looking for or the one after that, but that’s what is so amazing about RVing. It is the perfect answer to so many […]

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Motorhomes For Sale: Temptation or Providence?

Consumers in recent years have to wander through life with blinders on. Temptation to spend money is everywhere when there is a certifiable reason to be frugal and there isn’t a much more certifiable reason for frugality than a barely recovering economy. The economic situation isn’t often described as a crisis. Most wouldn’t refer to it as catastrophic, but it’s not healthy. It’s not happy. And it could definitely benefit from a thorough overhaul.

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Arizona RV Travel: Used Motorhomes for Sale Can Bring Travelers to Quirky Hot Spots

When it comes to traveling, one of the favorite modes of travel is the recreational vehicle. Most consumers new to the RV life enter the fold by discovering one of the used motorhomes for sale that suits them. They might be pulled towards one because they see the price posted on the front window and realize just how affordable purchasing an RV can be. It could be that they decide the RV lifestyle might suit them when someone close to them becomes involved and shares tales from the road. Sometimes it’s simply the need for a change that leads people to search out something new and exciting.

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RV Dealers Recommend Recreational Vehicle Owners Consider Tips on Going Green

New RV owners tend to have a lot of questions. The first person they typically turn to for answers are the RV dealers they are already comfortable dealing with. They know that the RV dealers are in the know regarding common destinations, popular recreational vehicle features, tips and hints for maximizing the vehicle’s capacity for comfortable road travel and more. One question that RV dealers report is coming up more and more frequently is the question of going green in the RV.

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Pedata RV Center Urges Consumers to Consider the Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle Offered by RVing

Pedata RV Center urges consumers to consider a balanced and healthy lifestyle as one of the benefits of RVing. According to the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association), a Harris Interactive Survey showed that recreational vehicle owners reported that RV travel provides the opportunity to enjoy nature, outdoor activities and quality family time. What did RVers […]

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The Campground Community: Get Out of The Used Travel Trailer

It takes some RVers a while to get used to the “community” feeling that can be found at many RV campgrounds. While RVing can be a solitary experience, for most RVers owning and traveling by recreational vehicle, it immediately means gaining admittance into the RVing community. This community feeling is especially evident at RV campgrounds. That is, it’s evident to those who are willing to get out of their used travel trailer and get involved.

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Popular RV Cooking: Step Outside the Fifth Wheel to Cook Over the Campfire

Fifth wheels feature spacious, often luxurious floor plans. Many have a surprising number of amenities and features. Some might even say they offer all the comforts of home and more. This can lead to dissent amongst the ranks. Some RVers will find themselves indulging in the luxuries offered inside the fifth wheel RV instead of enjoying the hot spots and local sites that are right outside. One way to get everybody on the same page is to announce a night of cooking around the campfire. There’s nothing like gooey Smores to clear out the fifth wheel and get everyone out in the great outdoors.

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Popular RV Cooking: Outfit the Class B Motorhome with a Crockpot for Quick and Easy Meals

Many love the unique opportunity to increase the amount of “home cooked meals” while traveling that comes with the use of recreational vehicles. Not only does it make for an healthier menu, but it can also decrease the bill for food while vacationing. The only drawback is that someone has to be in the kitchen preparing the food so that the group can enjoy the benefits of a “home cooked meal.” Some feel it just isn’t worth missing the fun. They’re too busy enjoying the available recreational activities and the local sites to take time out to slave away in front of the stove. Smart RVers quickly discover that there is a perfect solution. Outfitting the Class B motorhome with a crockpot is the perfect compromise. No one slaves away in the kitchen all day and the group gets a healthy meal when they return from their daily outings.

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Popular RV Cooking: Getting Your Grill On in Fifth Wheel Trailers

Part of the beauty of the RV lifestyle is the sheer accessibility of the outdoors. Many find that they can extend the time they spend enjoying the beauties of nature by using outdoor grills attached to their fifth wheel trailers when preparing meals. Some RVers feel very comfortable grilling, but there are those who are new to the experience. If grilling isn’t part of the RVer’s cooking repertoire, helpful hints and tips and recommended tried and true recipes should be considered to increase the chances of success. That way the learning process is enjoyable and will result in an RVing future filled with grilling success and tasty meals both prepared and enjoyed in the great outdoors.

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Pedata RV Center Sees 15.1% Jump in Wholesale RV Shipments In October 2011 as Good News for 2012

Pedata RV Center sees 15.1% jump in wholesale RV shipments (according to October 2011 Recreational Vehicle Industry Association survey of manufacturers) as good news for 2012. The survey of manufacturers conducted in October of 2011 indicated that 19,100 units were shipped. This is a 15.1% jump in comparison to October 2010 totals. RVIA surveys are […]

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Don’t Keep Your Photos in the Motorhome Class C: Share them with the World

RVers on the road in their motorhome Class C see a wide variety of sights. They enjoy new adventures regularly. Many don’t spend a lot of time actually inside their recreational vehicle. They spend their days out hang gliding, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and doing all manner of activities that they can never seem to find the time to enjoy at home. On the days when they aren’t enjoying recreational activities, they can often be found standing still and staring at natural vistas that they’ve never paused to notice until they were in the middle of nowhere with their RV parked and time on their hands.

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