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Month: August 2010

Used Travel Trailer Sustainable Camping Efforts

You and your used travel trailer can go green with sustainable camping, so begin your learning experience. Sustainable is defined officially by the UN Commission on Environment as “…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Read more on how you can be green […]

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Pedata RV Center Provides Informative Video Clips Through Its YouTube Channel

Pedata RV Center provides informative video clips through its YouTube Channel.

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Fifth Wheel Trailers And Traveling Tips For Those With Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allowed folks with special needs to travel by RV and fifth wheel trailers easier than ever before. Most fifth wheel trailers can be purchased with ADA specifications, or if you already own an RV, they can be modified for your specific needs. RVing is for those with or without […]

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Used Motorhomes For Sale Are Perfect In The Mountains

Used motorhomes for sale or new RVs, all are often seen traveling across the nation through the mountains. There will be activities available in the mountains for travelers of all ages. You can find something exciting to do in used motorhomes for sale. If you think you are interested in used motorhomes for sale and […]

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Pedata RV Center Urges RVers to Celebrate Fall by Making a Fall Festival Road Trip

Pedata RV Center urges RVers to celebrate fall by making a Fall Festival road trip.

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Travel In Your Motorhome Class C With Volun-Tourism

There are people that have just returned from their vacation that state that they need another vacation just to recoup. Volun-Toursim is a new type of vacation, and you can participate in it with your motorhome Class C. It is defined as taking a vacation to help others in your motorhome Class C. Your RVing […]

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Fifth Wheel Trailer And RVing With Physical Challenges

If you or your traveling family members are physically challenged, then you will be satisfied in knowing that there is a fifth wheel trailer to suit your special RVing requirements. There is a fifth wheel trailer that you can modify, no matter if it is new or as used fifth wheel trailer that has been […]

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Used Travel Trailers For Sale And The Accidents They Can Cause

There are many people that are owners of used travel trailers for sale that are concerned with being in an accident that they have caused. Some statistics imply that used travel trailers for sale have been in less number of accidents than regular autos. There are more cars on the road than used travel trailers […]

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Pedata RV Center Responds to Increase in Interest as June Shipments Reach Highest Level in Two Years

Pedata RV Center responds to increase in interest amongst the RV public. June 2010 marked the highest shipment levels to retailers in two years.

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Used RV Sales And What To Expect From The Dealer

Some people believe that shopping used RV sales is better than shopping for new motor homes. It is a fact that new RVs depreciate at a faster rate than uses RV sales. So, look at used RV sales to find a great financial deal. The suggestions below will help guide you in shopping used RV […]

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Travel West With A Fifth Wheel Camper

Every year you can take your fifth wheel camper to the Wild West to explore during Frontier Days. Frontier Days is a heritage festive that takes place in Cheyenne, Wyoming during July and is ideal for a fifth wheel camper adventure. This week of celebration consists of activities, entertainment, and even parades. You can experience […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases 6 Quick Driving Tips to Decrease Gas Costs

Pedata RV Center releases 6 quick driving tips to decrease gas costs while pulling travel trailers/driving motorhomes.

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Motor Homes For Sale – Class A Pros And Cons

All motor homes for sale represent a large amount of money out of your pocket, meaning it is a long term financial investment. You want to know if the purchase you are making in searching motor homes for sale is a wise one. There are pros and cons to buying motor homes for sale. Look […]

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Fifth Wheels Could Be Just The RV For You

Fifth wheels are RVs that are a trailer pulled by a truck. These trucks are outfitted with a hitch that is connected on the pickup bed. Are fifth wheels the type of recreational vehicle for you and your family’s RVing needs? What type of hitch comes with fifth wheels? Fifth wheels are believed by many […]

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