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Month: June 2010

Travel Trailers For Sale: How To Sell Your RV

When advertising travel trailers for sale and trying to find the fair market price, there are some tips you should follow.  By following these travel trailers for sale tips, you will be able to make sure the RV is its best condition before letting potential buyers see it.   Read these tips before placing ads online […]

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How To Find A Used RV For Sale

Are you thinking about purchasing an RV for sale?  Maybe buying used is the right direction that you should take.  There are many RV for sale dealerships that sell used units with their new units. A used RV for sale offers a great value and a slow depreciation rate. There are a plethora of logical […]

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Pedata RV Center Cites Class A, Class B, Class C, etc. Shipment Stats

Phoenix, AZ – Pedata RV Center cites RV (Class A, Class B, Class C) shipment stats for 2010. Richard Curtin’s shipment forecasts for 2010 were already optimistic and the stats have now been revised to reflect an even more optimistic forecast (RV Roadsigns, Summer issue). Shipments forecasts indicate totals reaching 230,300 units. That’s a 39% […]

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RV Dealers And Tips On Shopping

If you are in the market for a new or used motor home, then follow these tips when working with RV dealers.  These tips will help you with your purchase.  Knowing what to expect with RV dealers will make you feel comfortable when choosing a new or used unit. First things first You will see […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 3 List of Problem Items Often Found in the Common Toy Hauler

Phoenix, AZ – Pedata RV Center releases Top 3 List of Problem Items often found in the common toy hauler. There are certain things that have to be considered when traveling. It’s surprising how often items that can cause some pretty substantial legal problems are found in the typical toy hauler or RV. Top 3 […]

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Diesel Pusher : Take It South To Mexico

Are you a fan of the cold, or would you rather be living in the warm sunshine?  The term, snowbirds, was coined for those, like you, who travel south during winter months to get away from the cold weather.  If this is you, begin planning your trip across the southern border with your diesel pusher. […]

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Pedata RV Center Sees No Proof of RV Travelers Boycotting Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – Pedata RV Center sees no proof of RV travelers boycotting the state in response to the recently signed Arizona state legislation regarding immigration (signed by Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor). Despite fears that the legislative action could negatively affect the overall economy by instigating a drastic drop in the tourism industry vacationers surveyed […]

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Take A Class B Motorhome On A European Vacation

Are you ready to leave the country and tour the European countryside?  Did you know that your Class B motorhome could be the best vehicle to experience this in?  Take your Class B motorhome to Europe, or rent one there, and enjoy your vacation abroad. Pros – Class B motorhome travel abroad A Class B […]

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Enjoy A Trip With Your Toy Hauler This Winter

A toy hauler is not just for RV summer vacations, but is just as ideal for winter travel.  As snow flurries cover the road, your toy hauler will be the perfect place to store your snowmobiles, skis, or snowboards.  You will be able to have a dream come true winter vacation. Before you drive, don’t […]

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Travel Trailers And Pets

Travel trailers, RVing, and pets can be a fun experience, if you plan appropriately.  Many people like taking their animal friends on vacation with them with their travel trailers.  In order to make the trip successful, these folks organize and plan in advance. Assess the trip that you will be taking before you pack up […]

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Class A RV Travel And What To Know

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  This famous quote should be taken to heart often, but especially when you are planning an excursion in your Class A motor home.  Take the time needed to plan ahead, so that you can prevent as many unknown mishaps before they occur.  If you plan […]

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5th Wheel Fifth Wheel : Travel Down Route 66

You’ve heard of Route 66…music, movies, and books.  It’s legendary.  It is the main highway that runs from east to west, and it is the essence of America.  Route 66 is an ideal place for you to take a journey with your 5th wheel fifth wheel. You may not have a 5th wheel fifth wheel, […]

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Do You Want A Fifth Wheel RV? It May Be The Ideal Unit For You.

Did you know that fifth wheel trailers are luxurious RVs that are pulled behind a truck or SUV with a special hitch?  Do you think that you are a family that would enjoy living the fifth wheel RV lifestyle? Hitch description A gooseneck hitch is the type of hitch used for fifth wheel trailers.  It […]

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